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天堂的天使卻說:[天堂只剩下一個名額,你們兩人要有一個去地獄 ]

主人一聽到就忙著問:[ 可以由我決定嗎?我們家的狗又不知道什麼是天堂,什麼是地獄? ]

天使:[ 每一個靈魂都是平等的,你們要比賽決定由誰上天堂 ]這個比賽很簡單,就是賽跑而已 ]

旁白:說完以後,天使宣布比賽開始,結果主人一點也不忙著趕路,慢條斯理的走著 ,因為那隻狗配合著主人的步調在旁邊慢慢的跟著,當主人跟狗發生車禍時,狗本來是可以閃開的,但是他不願離開主人,所以兩人一起死了。



主人:[ 其實我一開始的時候很擔心,因為這隻狗根本不想上天堂,只想跟我在一起 ....所以我才想自己幫他決定,請你讓他上天堂,要不然他一定會跟著我走 ]








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    NARRATOR: One day, there was a blind man with his guide dog died in a car accident occurred, the owner and the dog went to heaven. Heaven's Angel said: [Heaven only one of those places, the two of you have a go to hell]

    I heard the owner asked: [can be determined by me? Our dog does not know what is heaven, what the hell? ]

    Angel: [every soul is equal, you have to race to decide who can go to heaven] This game is very simple, it is a race only]

    NARRATOR: After the finish, the angel announced the start of the race, the results of the master is not to be anxious, walked slowly, as the dog with the owner's slow pace in the next to follow, when the accident occurred with a dog owner, dog could have been out of the way, but he did not want to leave the master, so they died.

    (One person, one dog has been walked slowly, and finally to the end.)

    NARRATOR: In the front end, the owner's mind like that angel, command the dog to sit, am disgraced that day and looked at the master, the master speak

    Owner: [In fact, I was beginning very worried because the dog did not want to go to heaven, just want to be with me .... So I think I decided to help him, please let him go to heaven, or else he 'll follow me]

    NARRATOR: [With these words, the owner instructed his dog to the end.

    Yet to hear the words of the dog owner would not leave. ]

    Dogs: [I love my master, even if do not want to go to hell with him separately]

    Angels said to them: [you pass the test, the people can be more than two grid paradise]

    NARRATOR: [the angel was been touched, so that the blind and guide dogs together to heaven]

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