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急!! 商英句子翻譯

1. 我們了解您的客人現在已經很混亂,很難知道如何去修改訂單, 但我們必須修改否則無法出貨, 以下八張訂單是有問題的, 請和您的客人確認並修改訂單

2. 貨代這次沒有收取這兩個PO的散貨費用

3 產品A必須從PO123中拆訂單出來, 因為產品A在2廠生產, 產品B現在可以先不要拆, 但未來我們也會移到2廠生產


重點是前兩句, 多謝..

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    (1) We now know your guests very confusing, difficult to know how to modify the order, but we have to modify or can not ship the following eight orders is a problem, please confirm your guests and modify orders

    2 forwarding the PO did not receive the bulk of these two costs

    A 3 products in order to be removed from the PO123 out, because in the two plant products A, Product B can now be the first not to split, but in the future we will move two production plants

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    > 產品A必須從PO123中拆訂單出來, 因為產品A在2廠生產,


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