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[求英文聽寫] 聽寫出對話 (3



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    Vocabulary: Excuses for not eating something.

    Exercise B: Listening comprehension.

    Listen to each conversation, write the letter to complete each statement.

    Conversation one:

    Cindy, Don't you like pasta?

    I love it, that's the problem, I'm on a diet.

    Then have some vegetables, they're good for you.


    Conversation two:

    Doesn't Frankie eat fruit salad?

    Actually he can't. It has strawberries and he can't eat them. He's allergic, His skin gets red all over when he does.

    Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that.

    Oh, that's okay, he'll be fine.

    Conversation three:

    Aren't you going to try the grilled fish Marie?

    Actually I'm not too crazy about fish.

    How about the clams?

    mm... I'll pass, they don't really agree with me.

    Hoa... How about some grilled chicken then?

    That sounds great!!

    Conversation four:

    Isn't Susan going to have some steak?

    Actually she doesn't eat meat.



    Conversation five:

    I think I'll pass on the French fries.

    Why is that George? Don't you like French fries?

    Yes, but my doctor thinks I should eat less salt and oil

    Oh, I see.

    Now listen again to check your work.


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