plantar's wart, where is the root?

I have a planters wart. There are little mountatin type things and dark brown parts, i did some research and im pretty sure the brown parts are vessels or something. But i am wondering what part of the wart is the root. I did the "soak and hack" method, using pumice and tweezers to get some of the skin out. just wen i thought i pulled out what needed to be pulled out (brown things) i also pulled out a skin colored mountain thing. now THAT looked like a root. I am so confused on what should be taken out.Where is the root?(i alsl know about the freezing,duct tape,etc. methods but i am just wondering about this)

Sorry this is so long.

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  • 6 years ago
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    The root is just what you have pulled out. Really there is no 'root'. The black/brown things are thrombosed blood vessels which this wart (a plantar wart because it is on the plantar, ie sole, of your foot, not plantars : best to call it a verruca.) is using to get blood to feed itself. It is a viral parasite.

    Soak and hack is good, but cutting it out with a sharp blade and making it bleed is better. It alerts your immune system to this Verruca hiding between the skin layars and the full force of your natural immunity will remove it, and give you protection against future infections by Verrucae.

    Please tell me you did this over newspaper that you then burnt. This is infectious stuff you are removing.

    All new socks would be a very good idea, and rinsing inside your shoes with white vinegar.

    Source(s): Podiatrist.
    • YUK. You now have to wash that bathtub with bleach, lots of bleach, and the bathroom floor and every thing else you touched or used.

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    4 years ago

    Wow - sepolavi (aka Porky Pig) told us more than we ever wanted to know about warts! :-) There are hundreds of alternative wart cures. All of them work to some degree, depending on the type of wart & the person's own immune response. Many times a wart will reappear and the treatment has to be repeated, even if the doc cuts or burns them off. Usually after 3x the virus gives up. One other alternative not mentioned yet is Thuja (Thuja occidentalis, aka arborvitae). Take 5 drops of Thuja tincture or extract in water, morning & evening. Use the Thuja tincture topically at least once a day. Thuja is specific where reaction to vaccination is suspected, but has good sucess rate in other cases as well.

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