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The US gov and their controlled media believes WW3 is a really good idea?

War with Russia and their ally in China is INSANE.

America has been easily successful in defeating countries that cannot defend themselves. However China and Russia are a completely different story. As is always the case with war, the controlled mainstream media tells blatant lies to the public to get this war going thus by demonising Russia at every opportunity with exaggerations and lies. A nuclear war cannot be won. What are the American people going to do about their psychopathic, out of control Government before it becomes too late to stop this insanity ?



New York Times Admits It Pushed Fabricated Evidence about Iraq, Syria and Ukraine

The entire situation in the Ukraine began with the U.S. overthrow of the elected government in Kiev.

Update 2:


John McCain moves to start WW3 in Ukraine (with lies)

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NBC News sent a reporter and camera crew for a drive all along the 1200 mile border between Russia and Ukraine and they saw no signs of a military build-up, nor were the local citizens at all concerned about one.

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  • Raine
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    They compounded one huge mistake with another by threatening, then imposing toothless sanctions against Russia.

    Enter China.

    Chinese media gives a hint of where they stand in all this and it isn’t alongside America and their European allies.

    Via South China Morning Post:

    Beijing has taken a subtle official position. It has asserted the principle of non-interference and respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity while also emphasizing that it recognizes the complexity of both the historic conditions and the current state of affairs in Ukraine. It should be fairly clear to any foreign policy realist that China’s approach is to maintain formal neutrality while providing tacit support to Russia without causing an adversarial rift with the Western alliance.

    China does not have to lift a hand or voice as the case may be, to help Russia in order to maintain a working relationship, and by not joining with the US and European allies, China is indeed, siding with Russia.

    China and Russia, along with others are already dumping US treasuries and encouraging the international community to dump the USD as the world’s reserve currency, add war and conflict, energy dependence as well as a host of other assets Russia provides for the global community and all this chest beating y the US and it’s allies threats and worthless sanctions and it is almost as if the US is deliberately cutting it’s own throat.

    It is either all a carefully crafted scripted plan or a show of complete incompetence.

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    Funny how you are so willing to buy the media from China and Russia. Nor have I seen anyone promoting a war. We pretty much know we can't stop Russia in Ukraine. The real danger is in Putin feeling he can get away the same thing elsewhere, just as Hitler believed he could invade Poland because of the west's reactions to his earlier land grabs. If a war stops, at least half the blame goes to the other side. Personally I would put the numbers higher.

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    Don't worry, the WW3 is still a far long way to go. So far, Obama has just surrender to Japanese Militarism and Japan Empire for exchanging the economies.

    Pride with greed is always the root of all evil. The success in nuke has brought U.S. to the top of the world. However, it also consumed all economies in U.S. as that in U.S.S.R. By changing to U.S. of Japan, U.S. may have resurrection in its economies.

    Also that has been prophesied:

    Luke 13:3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death, but his deadly wound was healed, and all the world wondered and followed the beast.

    Now, Americans should learn that bread and butter is much important than democracy and human rights.

    Also, the climate changes have got worse. It needs a strong militarism to survive in coming disasters.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I am truly impressed with your question, analysis and insight.

    Finally, if your an American, I still see hope in your country that at least one is not as gullible as the mainstream media promotes.

    It seems there is a matter of population control as a plausible answer where an article was written about 500 million people worldwide was the goal.

    Naturally, the hiearchy in the halls of Washington will have their custom bunkers for the next 100 years underground somewhere, the banking system is safe in former salt mines deep underground and a sick belief all future control of energy resources in the mid east will be theirs for the taking since nobody would dare bomb there.

    The distraction angle is another thought. As more and more Americans are frighened out of their minds, the criminals who run the country can watch the bottom fall out, loot the treasury and scurry away while the economy goes to the toilet. Bankers and fat corporate cats have this all sowned up.

    Then again, insanity is very possible. Lets go with that. They can blame it on Big Pharma.

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  • Pete
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    7 years ago

    What media source is encouraging world war 3 pleas edit your question and add the source. So far as I know , no one is suggesting we go to war with China and Russia except idiots on Yahoo Answers so enlighten me. Source please.

  • .
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    7 years ago

    What are the American people going to do about it?


    When it happens, they might go into emotional shock.

    Then, it will be just "you and me" trying to survive.

  • chris
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    7 years ago


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