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yahoo拍賣遇上奇怪的外地買家, 請幫我看看是否有可疑

有人想買我件貨, 想我寄去佢香港的公司或CHINA都得,比左acc 佢過數後佢forward左佢間銀行轉帳成功的Electronic Wire Transfer資料給我, 入面列哂佢既名, 佢張卡既登記資料, 外國地址等等....上面寫左TRANSFER CONFIRMED....不過呢個email上的文字係可以更改的version, 不是pdf 之類的文件, 然後該買家就發了以下電郵給我, 意思是我要寄左貨比佢, 再將寄件証明發給他的銀行電郵, 我先會收到錢, 這未免太滑稽了吧? 大家覺得有問題嗎?

以下是該買家的文字, 他回覆得超快~

然後我又reply佢我要收到錢先寄貨, 佢又email番我話要"寄左貨比佢, 再將寄件証明發給他的銀行電郵先收到錢, 咁我而家係咪直情唔理佢就OK呢? 因為我肯定冇收到D錢!

Glad to inform you that have fulfilled my obligation by making

transfer to account details you sent to me. Please,kindly check your e

mail (INBOX and atimes it goes to the Spam or Junk mail ) for the

Payment confirmation from my Mobile e banking account, just got an

alert "Transfer Successful" Please contact closest post office

(Speedpost EMS or Normal Post) and send the item to address on Payment

receipt. Reply with a copy of scanned receipt by phone camera and mail

my bank i think in the next few hours you

ship, maybe before you get home.. your account would have been

credited and also my Bank will mail you.


JUDY: 你段文字同我見到的一樣呀!!但我覺得個銀行email超奇怪....佢冇理由會幫個客收埋寄件receipt架麻~~佢係咪叫你寄去上海/太古城呀? 佢叫Alan Ngaki???

Update 2:

Judy , Man Lun:

我仲check到佢個太古城地址係某間電腦公司tim!!! 仲有收件人名....呢個人都幾蠢~Judy你報左警喇? 佢都有我個bank acc no. . 不過我就冇比全名佢, 相信佢都做唔到d咩野ge...不過我覺得應該比個教訓呢個人!

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  • 6 years ago
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  • 6 years ago

    I also received these kind of email these days, they even claim they have warehouse...

    Checked on the internet, many ppl experience the same.

    I just replied them no worldwide shipping is provided. and they email me again...

    Becareful, already many victums....

    Wish it helps.


    ig: hapibebe

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  • 6 years ago

    我都中左招!!! 我給他我的名和帳號, 我收到ICBC的email 我覺得好奇怪, 很假!!!

    我沒有寄件, 寄左以下email 比佢.

    Dear Mr Alan Ngaki,

    Thank you very much for your payment. I have already contacted ICBC and there are no such transaction.

    By the way, I know that you are a fraud, so I have already contacted Hong Kong Police and FBI to file this case.

    They should be able to locate your IP address.

    Good luck!

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  • 6 years ago

    hey!!!我都中左招, 又係呢個人, 但我一路覺得好奇怪所以無寄到貨比佢, 但我想問宜家佢拎左我個bank acc number,同埋我個名, 我需唔需要報警??

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  • 6 years ago

    I received the same case yesterday from Yahoo拍賣 with email like below

    I think I have been deceived by this person.

    Don't ever send any item without receiving money.

    Final Transfer Chain for Successful Online Trading :

    Buyer's Deposit Confirmed==>Sellers Receive Payment Confirmation Receipt from ICBC==>Seller Post the Item and reply to ( ) ===> ICBC credits Seller's Account less than 5hours after Receipt Verification.

    Note : Any Payment made by Buyer cannot be cancelled again to protect Seller. Your Transaction is 100% Guaranteed (World Bank and FBI Police in check)

    Final Process to complete the Transfer to your Bank Account :

    We implore you to contact closest post office and post the item to below address :

    Use our online Transfer to pay for online purchases, the companies / individuals you buy from all over the world. This is an important security feature and certainly is better than having your credit card number transmitted all over the Internet. Our Service is secure, and we screen our merchant account very closely in order to protect the Sellers and the Buyer

    StatusVerified! **Awaiting Refund Receipt **

    2014-04-25 22:27:24 補充:

    Hope I can ask HK Post Office to collect the parcel back :

    2014-04-26 11:29:35 補充:

    YES, from Alan Ngak 寄去上海/太古城!!!!!

    A liar!! definitely we can't receive money. I report to police...

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