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POLL: Should I feel Sorry For Amanda Knox?

or should I feel outraged that she is not in prison ?

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  • 6 years ago
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    You should be outraged that damn liar is not in prison.

    her book was titled "Waiting to be heard" ?

    I have a good mind to write a book, pointing out all the LIES in her book, and title MY book........

    "Still waiting for the TRUTH from Amanda Knox. "-

    She consistently says the jury found her NOT guilty. NO, they did NOT.

    In fact, the jury has found her GUILTY.---------TWICE now.

    her first trial was appealed., was her right, and is AUTOMATIC under Italian law, and after MUCH pressure from no less than the STATE dept. ......they declared that there was good reason to void the first verdict and hold a re-trial.

    She won the APPEAL...............they did find her INNOCENT or NOT GUILTY.

    What they said was..........the case needs to be looked at, again.

    >In the meantime..........they let her per political back door deals......pending her RE-TRIAL.

    Key word here......PENDING her RE-TRIAL.

    The ruling that freed her, and allowed her to leave the country, was ITSELF, then challenged and looked at, and found to be without an OUNCE of legal merit, and OVERTURNED.

    In other words.......they should have KEPT her, at least in the country, until the verdict of the re-trial was reached.

    But the deal cut, was to allow her to ESCAPE. And RUN she did.

    When the RE-TRIAL was held............surprise surprise.........the jury found her to be just as guilty as the first jury and trial found her.

    She was found guilty, and convicted of the crime, TWICE.

    She was never once, at any point, declared "innocent", as she likes to cry on TV.-

    her stories and alibi's are pure fantasy and rubbish.

    The italian police also sued her for SLANDER, since she could not prove any of the outlandish claims she made against them, and in fact, there was much evidence that much of what she said was FALSE.

    She framed an innocent man for MURDER......and that didn't seem to bother her.......but then cried that SHE herself was being framed.

    Her own boyfriend did NOT back her up in court, and HIS stories and alibi's changed with the wind.

    They BOTH told numerous proveable LIES to the police.

    Sure is a funny kind of innocent, to be lying your azzes off in a murder investigation of your "good friend".

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  • 6 years ago

    try to not worry too much and just breathe :)

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