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Should I get a canoe or Jon boat, (I live just outside of DC)?

I am looking into getting either a canoe or a Jon boat but I'm still not sure as to what i should get. I live right outside of DC so I have access to plenty of water but I'm not sure what the best option would be. I fish a lot but I have always fished from shore because of my lack of a boat. So i am looking for something that I can take out on lakes and do some fishing and possibly do some crabbing. Would i be ok taking a canoe out in the Potomac or would a jon boat be a better choice. I'm a college guy so I want to keep my costs low, Preferably 1,200 or less. Thanks

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    I've extensive experience on the Potomac River, in the DC area. I don't like conventional Jon boats on these waters. "Launch" points are very limited for trailerable boats. Canoes are good and I'd suspect you would get more use out of a 15' one, that you could launch by yourself from shore but you'd have to pick your days.

    There's been a shift over the years to more Bass Boats But those are way over your budget. I had a 14' Shakespeare with a 15 HP Evinrude, That could run you $4K for the rig. I got a lot of use out of it but I kept it in the water at Fort Washington Marina. (MD) It had the advantage of range to get as far down river as Aquia Bay / Creek and even up to the Anacostia . But fishing was poor then because of pollution. I understand fishing is much better now.

    From "Great Falls", down to the Airport there are not any launch ramps. There's one on the Anacostia at Rt. 450 in Bladensburg. and one on the VA side at the Wilson Bridge. and at Fort Washington on the MD side. So, access is limited.

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    Cost you cant beat a canoe. Range is limited to how far you want to paddle (but healthy exercise is thrown in as a bonus) If you're good with your hands take a look at the "Duckchaser" folding kayak. Because you sit IN it stability is excellent & weight is only 12kg.

    If going for a readymade sit on check the provision of a back rest - without one your lower back will hate you.

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    A canoe will not require registration(s) and yearly personal property taxes. It is easily car topped and equipment requirements are minimal.

    You may want to persue a fishing kayak (lots of brands) with foot controls for steering or propulsion. They are well equiped with rod holders and storage, you sit on top not in these kayaks (not in) and should be less prone to wind push (can be a real bear on a windy day with a canoe).

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    I would go with a boat for sure . Lots more room.

    Plus , you really want a motor.

    Best to buy use as a total package for best deal.

    The boat , motor and trailer all one deal.

    I just looked on Craigslist DC and there was a good looking 14 foot John with motor and trailer $2000 asking.

    A 12 foot package for $1200.

    An Alum V hull with 15 hp motor /trailer package for 1500. That one would interest me the most for use on trhe river. Much more versatile than a John weather wise.

    If you have a lot " choppy " water , the V hull would be much better than a John boat hull.

    A flat back canoe with motor is just 1/2 the boat with all the same costs . Unless you want a canoe to paddle . If that is what you want , you will be very limited as to distances and weather.

    Paddling a large canoe is no piece of cake. unless you are on still pond with no wind .

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