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blank asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 6 years ago

What are some middle names for Evan?

On my list for the future I have Evan Levi on the list.My fiance likes it.But I am concerned about the double V.This is a first and middle combo.

Sisters will be:

Danielle Lisa and Ruby Elizabeth

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  • 6 years ago
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    I love the name Evan! Evan Levi flows really but I agree the two v's seems off.

    How about:

    Evan Matthew.

    Evan Garrett.

    Evan Spencer.

    Evan Daniel.

    Evan William.

    Evan Wesley.

    Evan Riley.

    Evan Tyler.

    Evan Frankie.

    Evan Luke.

    Evan Lucas.

    Evan Isaac.

    Evan Isaiah.

    Evan Oliver.

    Evan Patrick.

    Evan Thomas.

    Evan Miles.

    Evan Maxwell.

    Evan Noah.

    Evan Nicholas.

    Evan Timothy.

    Evan Taylor.

    Evan Jude.

    Evan Joseph.

    Evan Joshua.

    Evan Benjamin.

    Evan Bennett.

    Evan Brent.

    Evan Christopher.

    Evan Chase.

    Evan Cole.

    Evan Gabriel.

    Evan Marcus.

    Evan Samuel.

    Evan Christian.

    Evan Zachary.

    Evan Drew.

    Evan Alexander.

    Evan Adam.

    Evan Andrew.

    Evan Alec.

    Evan Logan.

    Evan Parker.

    Evan Greyson.

    Evan Henry.

    Evan Hudson.

    Evan Harrison.

    Evan Kyle.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I really like the name Evan - it's recognizable without being overly used/trendy or outdated. It's a really sweet boy's name and goes well with Danielle and Ruby.

    My suggestions:

    Evan Alexander

    Evan Thomas

    Evan Robert

    Evan Sean

    Evan Nathaniel

    Evan William

    Evan Quinn

    Evan Paul

    Evan Sebastian

    Evan Damon

    Evan Tyler

    Even Derrick

    Evan George

    Evan Harrison

    Evan Henry

    Evan Joel

    Evan Mitchell

    Evan Michael

    Evan Richard

    Evan Garrett

    Evan Kyle

    Evan Samuel

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  • Kylie
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    6 years ago

    I LOVE EVAN LEVI! It's such a handsome name, the doubt V is not an issue.


    Evan James

    Evan Alexander

    Evan David

    Evan Christoper

    Evan Christian

    Evan Henry

    Evan Joseph

    Evan Michael

    Evan Matthew

    Evan Robert

    Evan Cruz

    Evan Anthony

    Evan Adam

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  • 6 years ago

    don't worry about the double V - it's not a big deal.:)

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  • 6 years ago

    no double V. how bout allen. or copy the dad'smiddle name or grandpas

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