What's been happening on the young and the restless this past month?

I haven't been able to watch it lately and I'm just confused now :P

I wanna know what's happened from mid-march until now. thank youuu c:

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  • 6 years ago
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    plays out.

    Neil blows the whistle on Chelsea and Chloe’s brawl

    Caroline and Rick Forrester arrive in time to catch two fashionistas looking less than their best

    Jack orders the partners to get it together

    Noah and Caroline butt heads

    Stage manager Connie tries to steer the fashion show in the right direction despite Chelsea and Chloe's battle

    Chloe swallows her apology when she overhears Chelsea cut her out of a deal with Forrester

    A fragile truce is threatened when Chloe is tempted to slash Chelsea’s show stopper dress

    Chelsea accuses Chloe of sabotage

    Kevin demonstrates his love for Chloe

    Chloe listens as Kevin admits he was wrong to marry her

    Fake Cassie spies on Nick and Sharon at the park

    Rushing to leave before she’s spotted, the doppelganger collides with Noah

    Noah is dumfounded when the stranger refuses a hand up

    Fake Cassie’s cover is endangered when she’s spotted at the park by someone who could unknowingly give her away

    Michael rushes Lauren to the hospital

    A terrified Lauren undergoes prenatal testing

    The doctor returns with the test results

    The Baldwins are profoundly affected by the news

    Colin lays on the charm in an all out effort to convince Jill that he loves her

    Jill responds with loving words of her own

    The Atkinson’s emotional reunion is interrupted by a call from Chance

    Chance tells his grandmother what he learned about Shep and Rachel

    Jill is disappointed to learn that Rachel Berenson is not the Rachel that Shep knew

    Colin tells Jill they’ll solve the mystery one way or another

    Jill and Colin renew their vows in the Chancellor living room

    Jill takes drastic action when she hears Colin plotting on the phone

    Dylan is shocked by Ian Ward’s return

    Billy opens up to his mom

    Summer worries about Jack’s relationship with Kelly

    Avery works with Austin, a cameraman, to facilitate her new venture

    The shoot hits a snag

    Nick gets closer to Sharon

    Victor and Ian face off

    Fake Cassie is seen again, causing uncontrollable consequences

    Ashley and Traci help celebrate Abby and Tyler's engagement

    The bad feelings between Jack and Victor escalate

    A sneak peek at next week

    Things get tense between Ashley, Stitch and Victoria

    Sharon has a heart to heart with Jack about her memories

    Chelsea re-evaluates Billy

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  • Kathy
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Tyler and Abby are engaged, but I have a feeling they won't make it to the alter. Nick caught the Cassie look alike. Chloe and Chelsea got into a fight at the fashion show, and Chloe took a scissors to one Chelsea's dresses. Victoria slept with Stitch.

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  • 6 years ago

    Victor has been trying to get Sharon more nuts with this Cassie look a like. But Nick found her. Neil is getting more involved with HIllary. Billy was trying to get closer to Chlesea . Why I don't know. But its getting better.

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  • Sugar
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    The main thing is Cassie got caught today.

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  • Try this website it will tell you everything when you click on the dates.."Recaps"

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