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Help with Japanese?

I'm wanting to learn Japanese this summer. Now, this will be the only language, besides English, that I will be learning. I need help. though. I don't know which site can give me free demonstrations on how to speak, read, and write in Japanese. I've also heard that there were different types of Japanese language. I just need help. Can anyone explain? Thanks.

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    I think the best free site for learning Japanese is Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese (I've put the link under 'Source'). It will teach you basic and advanced grammar with videos, comics, exercises and plain text. It's all easy to read and easy to understand.

    However, I think it's a bit lacking in vocab and kanji-explanation (which is nothing new; usually Japanese learners have to buy a separate book for kanji). I don't know if there's good website for learning kanji, but a book I found helpful is "Basic Kanji Book" vol 1&2 (Amazon link to the first one under Sources).

    A good free website for learning Japanese vocabulary (or any other language) is (third link under Sources will take you to the Japanese decks).

    I'm not sure what you mean by "different types". There are three different writing systems (four if you include romaji): two sets of kana and the kanji characters (which look a lot scarier than they actually are). Then there are also different levels of politeness that you should know, but don't worry, they're all relatively easy to grasp.

    If this is your first foreign language, it'll definitely not be easy and you might want to give up more than once. But don't worry, that's how everyone feels when they take up a challenge! Just take your time and don't progress too fast. The good thing about Japanese is that a lot of people are learning it online (even here on Y!A you can see a lot of Japanese-themed questions), so you'll definitely receive tons of help if you ask. :)

    Good luck, and have a good day!

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