Can you guess what's the meaning of the phrase, "go for a score more"? I'm no native.?

Whole countries seemed like that, in fact, but they were small countries—Norway, Finland, Chile,

Australia, Scotland, California, Switzerland; on it went for a few score more.

from the novel, <2312>

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    6 years ago
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    In this context I'd say they're using the word "score" as in the number twenty. It's a very outdated usage, no one refers to twenty of anything as a "score" anymore but you'll find this in older references or very high-brow texts (university books for example). Think "four-score and seven years ago," the famous first line of the Gettysburg Address. It means 87 years (4x20+7).

    Here they're talking about the list of countries, saying that there were several score ("twenties") more to the list. It would be more colloquial to say "several dozen more" nowadays.

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  • 6 years ago

    A score is literally 20.

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