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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 6 years ago

Im being bullied?

i hate my life everyday i like hell, i been talked about, pushed, there was onetime someone put there hands around my neck and i told them to stop they said "make me". i just hate it i dont want to tell my mom because everyone just going to think im a little girl for telling (just to be clear I AM A BOY). they was many time i tried to kill myself but my mom stop me. the only thing i can think about is joining a gang and not be bullied ever again but i can't fight and i dont want to be in a gang i want to be myself but its not working now when i see myself in the mirror in the morning all i see is a ugly, stupid, black kid, weak, and no point in life. when i grow up i wanted to be a firefighter but why would i save the life's of those that are messing up my child hood. im scared just typing all this stuff is making my cry i dont want to live a life like this i can't. i dont want to get help i want to be free and happy. im a freshmen right now in high school i can't take 3 more years of this stuff if you think you can help me please do because im at the edge of killing my self please help please...................................

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  • 6 years ago
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    Bullies can sense passive aggressive people or people that won't stand up for themselves. Have more confidence and own who you are. Don't look scared or intimidated just keep calm and cool. If the bullying is really bad then your gonna have to get a little crazy and do something they won't forget like decking one of them in the nose hard enough for blood to pour out, do this once in front of a group of them and they won't **** with you again I promise. Bullies are nothing but big p....u.....s.....s....I....e...s with low self esteem issuse, they aren't tough and are actually th3 exact opposite. I'm assuming you wouldn't wanna hurt anyone but you might have too to get the point across. Stand your ground and show no fear and nobody will wanna take the chance of you showing them up.

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  • DeAnne
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    6 years ago

    Report bullies to your school principal. Its his responsibility to provide a SAFE learning environment. If he wont listen to you, ask your parents to tell the Principal. As a last resort, go stright to the Board of education.

    Since public school is too stressful, try correspondence school. (Look them up online) You do school work at home.

    I did that; had loads of free time, held a part time job, got high grades and graduated early. No bullies, no mean teachers, no homework, no stress, no deadlines. I loved it :))

    Or go to TV commercial says its free.

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