Windows game downloading on mac (steam)?

I´ve bought some games with steam (pc games) but i only have mac (with wineskin installed) i wanted to download the pc games on my mac but when trying to download and game that is not a mac game on steam the download button simply does not appear. How can i download my pc games on my mac (from Steam)?

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    7 years ago
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    I'm having a similar problem. I've found ways to download the game files but I've had issues running the games after that point. If you look around on Google though you should be able to find solutions to most problems.

    To download the games the best way I've found is to go onto the Steam website, click 'install Steam' and then under the big green 'Install Steam Now' button it says 'Also available for Windows'. Click 'Windows' and it should start downloading the Setup.exe file. Then you can run that file with Wine, and install the Windows version of Steam onto your Mac. You might then need to use the Wine File Manager to find the Steam.exe file to run Steam itself. Then when you run Windows Steam you should be able to log into your account (they'll email you a code to grant access as it thinks Wine is a different computer) and then you can download the games. Then click 'Play' on Windows Steam and it should work. I've had issues at this point though. I've only tried a couple of games and I've had various issues including some (eg Terraria) just not opening, without an error message or anything. There seem to be fixes around though.

    To be honest for me the whole process is just a bit annoying and it's frustrating when you find games don't work. I'm planning on buying a copy of Windows 7 and running it on Bootcamp (Applications>Utilities>Bootcamp on your Mac) which seems to be far easier and really doesn't cost too much (as it's just the cost of the Windows install disk). If you really don't want to spend any more money though, my method above should work, but might require some extra work for some games.

  • 7 years ago

    you can't, pc games don't work on a mac. You can use bootcamp to install windows on your mac and do it that way but its easier to just buy the mac version of the games to start with.

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