I have a 1.89 GPA Colleges NOT CC?

Please hear me out.

I am not lazy, I am not weak.

I'm 19, and all four years of high school were terrible. Freshman and 1/2 of Sophomore year I was tormented. I'm on the LGBT spectrum and because of that I was treated unfairly by teachers and students alike. I transferred to my origin town high school for 1 year and then as expected I was pushed to my limit when they threw food in my hair. I went through a deep depression, and was hospitalized 6 times until graduation. I was transferred again to a Therapeutic school where they treated us like preschoolers. I was punished anytime I skipped ahead in the material. In senior year, I was put in an Alternative school where my grades have gotten better as I wasn't in an environment where I was socially unaccepted.

I'm always eager to learn, All class tests were passed with A+ and A-'s. I just couldn't deal with homework because I spent the remainder of the day crying, and harming.

(I know I sound pathetic)

Now that it is 2014, and I'm older I'm thinking about going back to school. I don't care if it's 3000 miles away. I just need to leave this state. I'm in the nation's smallest state, and I just need to get out of here.

I've already applied to 15 colleges through Common App.

I'm diagnosed with General Anxiety and SchizoAffective Disorder.

I'm also a minority if that hurts my chances.

I'm hesitating on CC because all of those whom have hurt me, are there. I just don't think I'm capable of being a pacifist anymore if I go.


If it helps, I have Extra Curricular activities.

String Orchestra


Foundations Of Art. 1,2, and 3


they're the entire reason I have the 1.9 GPA. I'd most likely be at a 0.5 had I not taken these. They're the only classes where I expressed my pain.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You have already applied to colleges, and you didn't tell us which ones, so we can't chance you. It's very late to apply to more four year schools, but some are still accepting applications. I'm going to look at my list and see which are still accepting applications, and try to pick some LGBT friendlier schools, because IMO, I feel it is a priority that you enroll at a school which would make you feel welcome. Similarly, if a school is not highly, highly LGBT friendly, and you apply to it, at least make sure it's in a LGBT friendly town/city. You're on the right track now, and I'd like that to continue for you.

    One school that I think you may have a shot at, and which would suit you well, personally, may be the Evergreen State University in Washington State. I'd also have you look at Columbia College Chicago, Marymount Manhattan, Ringling College of Art, Wheelock College. These schools are still accepting applications for the fall, except for Evergreen - and I'd have you call admissions there and ask if you can still apply.

    I'd like you to apply to some community colleges as backups. I would suggest you apply to ccs in LGBT friendly areas, such as Boston, Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, etc. and if it helps you, to apply to those that have housing. A list of those with housing is here:


    But under no circumstances do you apply to a college close to home. Get out of the reach of the people who used to torture you. Go live your life.

  • 7 years ago

    I am LGBT as well and was there long before it has been socially acceptable and in a red neck area on top of that. Loads of others and myself coped with it. It is likely that is only a symptom with you and it is likely you would have had the same issues straight or not.

    Until you get your issues sorted out mentally you should not look at anything above a community college.

    Once you have your issues behind you well enough then transfer to a university. But for now, I would say you are not emotionally ready.

    And go to school in a big city because LGBT people are far more accepted in the big cities. Though if you are in any state that was in the confederacy you may want to consider moving north or west.

  • drip
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    7 years ago

    What was your ACT/SAT score?

    Do you have to go to the CC that is nearest you. Is there one further away, where most of the students you know are not attending.

    We have 4 CC around us. One is top notch. Large. But going to a CC out of district would cost you more.

    To be honest I highly doubt any 4 year university will accept you with your GPA.

    you have a slightly better chance of getting into a smaller public state university in the state you live, than being an out of state student.

    Did you get any Letters of Recommendation? Any counselor that can write you LOR that would explain you circumstances?

    You have already applied. it is very late, have you not heard back from any. Most deadline dates to apply have long past.

  • DS
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    7 years ago

    Can't think of a single university or state university system that would accept someone with a 1.9 gpa. If you want to go to college then you'll probably have to start at a CC.

    Why not move and go to one where the "those whom have hurt (you)" aren't?

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