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arrested development(發展受阻)的台詞


Maeby: Fine, I will. Is Lindsay with an “A” or an "E"?

Lindsay: Okay, look. I know you got a crocodile in spelling, but this has gone too far.







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    "get a crocodile" means "have trouble". After all, crocodile cannot be a pet to any person, so having it is nothing but trouble.

    2014-04-21 22:59:50 補充:

    This program "arrested development" must get you a crocodile. You have ask a few questions about the conversation in this program. It reminds me when I watched "M.A.S.H." My roommate laughed hilariously, but I had NO idea why?

    2014-04-21 23:00:23 補充:

    you have aak … ==> you have asked

    2014-04-21 23:00:36 補充:

    aak ==> ask

    2014-04-22 01:53:03 補充:

    There are many other masters who are very good at listening comprehension. Just post questions, someone will answer them for you.

    The kind of questions you have asked need some American life background, otherwise, it really is not easy to comprehend.

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