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How to naturally get whiter teeth?

I brush my teeth 1-2 times a day, everyday. But I still have a yellow-ish tinge to it. It is very embarrassing. I brush my teeth as much as I possibly can. Is there any home remedies for naturally white teeth? Can I have as much remedies as possible. I am not able to buy tooth whitening kits as I don't believe they are worth money.

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    Baking soda can seriously damage your teeth.

    Cut out:

    Coffee, tea, ice tea, coca cola, pepsi, any caffeinated or dark-coloured drinks.

    Gravy, toffee or any dark-coloured foods.

    Brush teeth twice per day and rinse with a non-alcohol mouth wash. Alcohol will stain teeth worse.

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    Let me tell you.. Crest White Strips Advanced Seal really does work. It's not a waste of money at all. I highly recommend. While it did not completely remove my tea-stained teeth, it drastically improved the apperance of my stains and made my teeth much whiter. I am not disappointed.

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    I whiten my teeth with lemon and a little of baking soda. But you can't do this every day because it'll damage your teeth.

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