factorise the following and find the zeroes of the following polynomial?

(i) 1/3(3x^2-2x-1)

(ii) 1/16(16x^2 -42x +58)

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    I wouldn't expand out the factions, i think that would make it much more difficult.

    i) 1/3(3x^2-2x-1)

    = 1/3(x-1)(3x+1)

    I would try to common factor this one

    ii) 1/16(16x^2 -42x +58)

    = 2/16(8x^2 -21x +29)

    = 1/8(8x-29)(x+8)

  • 7 years ago


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