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How do you kill someone and get away with it?

This fat ugly kid keeps calling me stupid, and he took the girl of my dreams away from me. now he bangs her all the time. Its not fair, why does she like him. I was doing so well, I was about to bang her then be her boyfriend because her father has a lot of money and I wanted to take some cash out his wallet before I move to Virginia. But this fat kid got in the way, now I cant get that hot girl. So I want to kill him, any tips. Please guys help, no jokes or trolls please, this is real!

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    Lol are u alright in da head.

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    Somehow I get the impression that this girl was simply not worth your effort in having a go at her. It is very juvenile to want sex simply for the pleasure it gives and sooner rather than later the relationship blossoms into something like love. If the fat guy has found this, well good luck to him! you probably would not, at least not here.

    Killing him will not do you any good and the revenge that you seek is no reason for taking life. Revenge is not sweet, but will lead to greater dispair when in later life (in jail) you appreciate what you have done.

    What you are expressing is what we all feel, when we have lost out on a project that looks to be good, but in practice may not necessarily turn out so well. You suggestion to get some money from the girl's father reads like you were planning to steal it or get it whilst pretending to love his daughter! This attitude does you no credit, grow up!

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    First thing you need to now how many people that person/people hang with Secondly you need to get supplies (preferable something untraceable like knives or a unmarked gun) Thirdly you need to analyze his/her/ their movements to know when he/she/ they will be alone Fourthly make sure you have an escape plan ( preferable something the police would not expect ( like a police car and police uniform))( also make sure that you have a fake passport and a disguise) Then take some hostages just in case you can not make a clean get away Next go in for the kill(s) Finally you use all the supplies you have at your disposal now to get to a country where the US can not touch you without breaking laws (you can go back after every thing dies down in about 10-20 years)

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    1) Murder is not the answer

    2) Being so mad you want to do something like that is unhealthy

    3) How secure was your relationship (if you were in one) if she chose him over you

    4) Maybe she likes him because he's not someone who wanted to get money from her Dad or sleep with her before you decided whether she was your girlfriend?

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    you're not really making a healthy decision... calm down a bit, you'll feel a little better. murder is never an answer. even if you try to get away with it.

    think of the consequences that you will face...

    do you REALLY want to be known as this type of person??

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    No one gets away with killing another human being without scars. Plus think of her a sock. The fat guy basically is like athletes foot and he has been wearing her but not washing her. Do you want to wear that sock now?

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    Step one:

    ~Lure fatty into a McDonald's Drive-Thru with Twinkie.

    Step two:

    ~Lure fat **** into bathroom with said Twinkie, then knock him unconscious whenever no one is around.

    Step three:

    ~Drag tubby out and claim he hit his head and tell witnesses he's going to a hospital.

    Step four:

    ~Video tape entire time in car and laugh maniacally as you pick up your ex-girlfriend and tell her the morbidly-obese **** head said he never wanted to see her again.

    Step five:

    ~Get road head while you drive all three of yourselves into a frozen lake so none of you will survive even if you got out of the car itself and into the freezing water. Fatso might survive with his winter storage he saved up for hibernation, but its quite unlikely.

    Step six:

    ~Spew your bubbling spunk into the bitches mouth as your bodies slowly wither and freeze into the bottom of the abyss.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Hey come on man this is just ridiculous.....your planning a way to kill somebody??? WHY?


    Just hire somebody to do it for you and kill the father so you can steal his money, plus while the girl mourns for her dad you can funeral crash and bang her then.

    Everybody is happy....except tuby

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    6 years ago

    Theres something wrong with the girl of your dreams to want a fat guy. Don't murder him, just teach him lesson and let him taste your fist and give him a good kick on the stomach (he shouldn't feel a thing)

  • 5 years ago

    Don't kill anyone!

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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