What is the Adventure Room in Kitchener like?

I recently stumbled upon a link to this place called the "Adventure Room". It's located in Kitchener, Ontario and apparently there are two other locations in Switzerland. It seems like a really fun activity so I was considering it for a bit but as I kept going through their website I started getting kinda creeped out. Maybe I just watch too many horror movies but I can't help but think this is like the overused plot where kids go play an escape game for fun but when they get there and start playing they realize that it actually isn't a game and if they don't escape they'll die. I may just be being super paranoid but could someone who's been to the Adventure Room in Kitchener tell me what it's like? Besides confirming that it is in fact a legitimate thing, what's the experience like? Here's a link to the site: http://adventurerooms.ca

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    Adventure Rooms Canada is a one-of-a-kind hour-long interactive entertainment experience for 2 to 6 people. It is literally a room filled with various locked boxes, drawers, and/or doors, and the various keys and combinations that open them are scattered about, or hidden in clever ways. The object of the game is to "escape" the room within a 1 hour time limit by locating the keys / combinations / clues / devices, and opening up the final exit door.

    I can assure you that there are absolutely no "horror" or "haunted house" type elements at all. There are no human actors in the space, and no person and no thing will startle you. There are no scary noises or effects of any kind. And there isn't even a macabre crime or detective theme of any kind. The game is an appropriate family-fun environment suitable for even young people as low as pre-teen years.

    Playing the game involves using your powers of observation to locate clues to advance past the various locks to work your way through to the final exit. You are best served by working together, communicating and thinking as a group to solve the various puzzles you will encounter.

    There are also no "brainteaser" or "mathematics" elements, I mean, you don't have to do cryptography or math puzzles or anything "brainy" to solve any of the puzzles. Some of them require a certain amount of "cleverness", but really being "observational" is paramount. Look _everywhere_.

    You don't have to have physical strength or stamina to solve any puzzles. There's no climbing or strenuous activity involved. And you don't have to break or damage anything in the room to solve any puzzles. But you do need plenty of "cleverness". The answer is often right in front of you, and you just need to "put two and two together" so to speak!

    Although variants of the game exist (for teams larger than 6 there is a head-to-head variant), the primary game is to play with a single team of 2 to 6 players. Your game hostess gives all players a friendly run-down of what will happen, essentially the rules and some basic guidance, and leads you into the space and puts you in your starting positions in a large room (think approximately the size of an average living room of a typical family home). In the primary game play variant, all players are in the same space working on the same puzzles together as a team and are free to communicate and cooperate to solve the puzzles and escape collectively as a team. It's you vs. the room!

    Your game hostess leaves the game room when the timer begins, but continuously monitors your game play via closed circuit video and audio, and does have the ability to communicate with you, should you need to exit for any real-life reason. Although the door is locked, you are never really "trapped".

    The game itself is very fun! There are many interesting, clever, and sometimes devious puzzles to solve. It's a bonding, team-building experience for the players, full of rewards and surprises that will leave you talking about it for weeks!

    It's so much more interactive than a movie, but it is priced similarly to a night out at the cinema. It's so much more engaging than something like laser quest (but much less physical activity, for sure). There's nothing quite like it, but nothing quite as much fun!

    I suppose the closest thing to it would be like those "escape the room" style of computer games you can play online where you have to find keys and click on things to open up locks and doors -- except it's really satisfying to be in a real-life version of the game! And the genre is totally neutral -- no mystery to solve, no ransom notes or creepy elements. Just escape the room!

    It is indeed derived from the adventure rooms in Switzerland - the experience is very similar, but Kitchener has specific puzzles that don't exist anywhere else in the world.

    I highly recommend trying it. Both games are worth playing. Playing one doesn't spoil the other. I loved it and I would love to play again! Some people that run out of time return to replay so that they can finish the game and reveal the rest of the adventure room's secrets!

    Source(s): I've personally played both Game 1 and Game 2 at the Kitchener location.
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  • I was pleasantly amused by your questions. My wife had a similar fear. She thought is might be creepy but it is actually not at all. We tried it and it is a great game where you need to use logic and speed to work through the room to escape. I went about a month ago and got about 80% through. Being that I am stubborn and cannot let it defeat me I actually am going back to beat the first room before trying room 2.

    Also the owner Lisa, was very helpful an accommodating. I lost a babysitter last minute and she let me reschedule no questions asked.

    If you like games, puzzles, trivia... Or anything else of that matter it is a MUST try. I can't wait to go back.

    Source(s): Team Tiski(you can find my defeated pic on their Facebook)
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    Billy, Mindy.

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