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asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago











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  • 7 years ago
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    “equipment ”是作為一個集合名詞是包括一個或多個 "devices", 換句話說, 一組 devices (a group of device) 可被統稱為 equipment.


    都有可能的,取決於你所指項目.如果它是一台機器, 那麼它是一種機械設備 (equipment), 然而這台機器上的開關則是一種機械裝置 (device).

    2014-04-20 23:13:28 補充:

    例如:吸塵器中的刷子,馬達,過濾器,...是 device. 吸塵器本身是 equipment.

    2014-04-20 23:14:05 補充:

    a group of device ==> a group of devices

    2014-04-21 00:10:16 補充:

    master AP. I mean the vacuum cleaner by itself without referring to other equipments of devices, how equipment and device is used to a vacuum cleaner!

    I agree with you, that vacuum clean can be a device or an equipment in some situations.

    2014-04-21 00:13:40 補充:

    Like in a household, vacuum cleaner is a device or an equipment. This is the time when these two words are vague, because it is just a device (one tool) for the household cleaning equipment (a collection of tools).

    2014-04-21 00:28:55 補充:

    Forgot to comment on your saying:

    reference point

    This is a good term to use in distinguishing between device and equipment.

    2014-04-21 00:31:03 補充:

    I am surprised a powerful concept, (reference point and reference frame) used in solving Dynamics problems, get employed by master AP.

    2014-04-21 02:22:54 補充:

    Sound like bible preaching! Master AP! Are you converting to a priest ?

    2014-04-21 06:46:33 補充:

    By that time, you might need to help me to regenerate like Imhotep in Mummy.

    2014-04-21 22:15:24 補充:

    The saying in opinion #011 is too simplified. For example, is the light in a CAD/CAM system, or a refrigerator called lighting device or lighting equipment? Is a survey tool called survey equipment or survey device?

    2014-04-21 22:17:23 補充:

    IED is called a device, because it has ONLY a trigger that can receive signal from a remote location. Hence, this single trigger is called a device.

  • 7 years ago

    equipment 與 device 並不易分, 就像中文要區別 "傻子" 與 "呆瓜" 一樣

    假如不提供將使用於什麼樣 context 的話, 只能做一個很粗略且非絕對的區分:equipment 範圍比較廣泛, 譬如露營用的地圖,繩索,手電筒,開罐器都算 equipment, 而它們個別屬於辨識位置,固定物體,照明,炊事的 device (當然, 仍然用 equipment 也不算錯) device 範圍比較集中, 譬如一隻手表裡面的零件, 大概得歸為 device 而不會用 equipment, 但要特別注意的是, 所謂 ”集中” 並非是體積大小的問題, 應該是指比較單一的概念, 譬如歐洲核子研究中心 (CERN) 世界最大的粒子加速器, 您可以稱它為一個 device, 包含了長27公里的隧道與不計其數的 equipment 有先進提及“某種自動化功效的才叫做device”, 大概未必, 否則 left to his own device 作何解?

    2014-04-21 23:01:29 補充:

    一個字可以有很多意思, 而很多字也可以用來表示同一個意思

    “機械設備” 要用哪一個?

    可能是equipment,也可能是device, 要看您在什麼狀況下, 指的是什麼機械設備

  • 7 years ago


    Equipment翻成裝備較為妥當. 原則上工具都是用equipment.


    反美份子在戰區用的IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE "DEVICE" (簡易爆炸裝置)來攻擊美軍.


    機械設備我會用 mechanical equipment

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    > 例如:吸塵器中的刷子,馬達,過濾器,...是 device. 吸塵器本身是 equipment.

    disagree. There is no fixed reference point between the 2.

    A vacuum machine itself can be a device.

    2014-04-21 01:14:01 補充:

    What power can be powerful without the consent of the princess of power? Surprise not, my melon! Submit thyself and thou shalt understand.

    2014-04-21 02:30:00 補充:

    What bible? Next time when you see me on any bibles, give me a call immediately. Heman and the princess of power were on TV and Netflix too.

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  • 匿名
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    7 years ago

    這二個字有點不太一樣, equipment器材方面,

    Device有點像起動什麼類的裝製,字翻起來是同, 但, 真正生活用是有點區分,

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