Should I join a talent agency?

Ok. There are 2 agencies around me (columbus, ohio) Wings model management (also helps actors) which i know people who model for them, and they say wings is a good management. And Heyman Talent, which i don't know much about but im going to call and talk to someone and get information on it.

I dont have much recent experience, besides 4 school plays and 2 student films, and theatre classes at my school when i was younger. But, i don't want to sound conceited, but acting is something im really good at, and this summer i want to start, but after doing the short student films, I realized i loved being on sets and on camera more than i do being on stage. Its a much different feel to it. Its pretty easy to find local short films since theres multiple collages around my area, but there not very organized and some my mother doesnt feel very comfortable with letting me take part in.

And im 14, and yes im getting a work permit soon.


Im not expecting for agencies to get me big jobs in LA or anything like that. On screen type stuff is harder to find than local theatre plays, and i feel joinging a management or agency will help. I just want small stuff to do to build up a resume and experience for me to REALLY start things.

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  • 7 years ago

    There's a difference between a talent MANAGEMENT and a talent AGENT. If you don't know that, then no - you shouldn't join a talent agency until you (and your parents) have a better understanding of the industry. One place to start:

    So the question (once you and your parents understand the business better) then becomes exactly what type of work are you hoping an agent submits you for and is that type of work actually available where you live and can either of the agencies help you secure that type of work. It's not like an agent in the Midwest has great connections to get you auditions for LA movies or anything like that. So exactly what are you expecting an agent to do for you?

    Basically, you only need an agent if you're going to try to work professionally and professional acting is a business. And so this would be a business decision as to how you and your parents want to run your career.

  • Lili
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    7 years ago

    Well, since you're so young and not in a position to leave Columbus (my own hometown), you should certainly try to get some minor local acting experience. Obviously once you become an adult, Columbus will not be the place to stay, and right now, it's more important to focus on school. However, I think Columbus is hardly the place to get real film acting experience, so you're better off sticking to the stage for the time being.

    I know a woman -- now quite a well-known actress -- who grew up in Ohio and got ALL her pre-career experience on the stage. She has since appeared in both films and on television as well as on stage.

    I have to say that I think it's not entirely appropriate for a 14-year-old to be hanging out with college students. Wait until you are older.

    As for modeling, I doubt there's a huge amount of work in Columbus, but if you were my daughter, I might let you sign with an agency and do some local fashion shows now and then. I really wouldn't want someone your age to do more than that. I modeled in my late teens, and I don't think much of the life.

    You've got plenty of time to think about a career. Don't rush it and focus on school.

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