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    To give you a visual distinction. Here they are:





    Lots of time the chassis (底座) of van and truck are the same.

    2014-04-19 22:22:35 補充:

    It means, the even though van and truck don't look the same, but their mechanical design is the same. Usually, van is used by people who need their stuffs in a more secure way (to prevent things got stolen).

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    By the way, what the photos show all refer to full-size van or truck. There are also mini-van, and small truck.

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    the even though ==> even though

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    The important thing is you get and understand the answer for your question. I am NOT here to earn the best answer or even the title. I am here to contribute something and most importantly to learn something new.

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    You are welcome!

    I once saw you saying "I want to learn my English as good as my Chinese" (something like that). As an old fart, I hope I can help you a little. So I can repay those people who have helped me.

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    thankful DaSaGwa teacher

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