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Today is Record Store Day. When was the last time you bought or played (or even saw!) a vinyl record?

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    I had some Records of Jim Reeves, Johnny Cash, Alabama, Glen Campbell & Charley Pride. I gave them all to a friend when I started buying CDs and when my Record Player stylus broke.

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    I haven't played a vinyl record since I was a kid and lived with my parents back in the 1980s. I do still own several vinyl LP records. But these are in storage with my dad's collection on the other side of Australia where they live. All my music today is either stored digitally on my computer and iPod or archived on CD. There is a local record shop near me that still sells most vinyl LPs. Those kinds of shops are still a rarity these days. However you can still buy turntables that can play this format. These days they come with a USB cable instead of the old RCA one.

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    I collected and played vinyl from the mid-sixties till my 91 divorce when I let my ex keep the vinyl and turntable and I took the tapes and CD's.

    I wish it had been the other way around now that I have a pair of vintage Klipsch LaScalas and an old 100 watt tube McIntosh.....

    Now all my music is digital on hard drives and in cloud storage but my computer sound card has a digital analog converter to give my stereo and music the old school sound....

    Edit - 'O' is right but old vinyl is making a comeback too with new disc repair units using lasers to remove scratches and special ovens to flatten warped discs...

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    Saw a vinyl? About 30 minutes ago in my living room. I didnt play it though. I did however play a 1920s era Victrola today. Of course, it does not use vinyl records....

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  • 7 years ago

    I still have several thousand LP's and 45's. It helps that my family owned a Record Store in the 70's. I even have a few 8 tracks Catridges !

    Been making a bit of money in the past few years of selling them online :)

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    7 years ago

    I played my Bananarama record just the other day but havent purchased one since 1994

    Oh how i miss 80's music better than the crap dished up today

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    7 years ago

    well Sheila strange as it may seem but vinyl is now making a come back

    and only recently a very hip cool younger person I visited had purchased a new red record player and some vinyl records

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    I bought a turntable a few years ago so I could play my old record colection, but it has gathered dust since I cannot find a space to put it on. The TV is too big.

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    I gave all my LPs to a community radio station at Forbes NSW around 15 years ago as I had no stereo at the time(my daughter left home to work in Canberra & took hers).They used to play them for me however.I only have CDs now plus a lot of audio tapes of music I taped off the radio.

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    I recently bought 3 Little Golden Books with records for my favourite 5yo fairy to play on a turntable my son picked up in his travels : )

    She calls the records "black cds" lol

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