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My car head unit charges via USB but wont play music.?

I bought a Dual XDM260 head unit for my 2000 Chrysler LHS. When i plug my iPhone 5 in via USB it charges and the USB mode pops up then quickly changes to auxiliary. The manual says that the unit is capable of doing such a thing but for some reason wont. Is there anything I can do?

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    I have a Kenwood headunit that is picky when it comes to the iPhone 5. Yours might have an odd quirk similar to this. In order play music while charging and having song info/steering wheel controls I have to use both the USB cord plus an auxiliary. In this exact order I have to first plug in the USB, then wait for the information to pop up on the HU, then plug in an auxiliary cord to get the sound. If I do it the other way around then the sound doesn't work for whatever reason. Try plugging in different cords before/after each other.

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    Dual Head Unit

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    Is the USB cable your using actually a certified iPhone cable or just a cheap knockoff from a gas station? Many cables are accessories that are not supported by audio systems. Meaning the cheap ones will charge, but not play audio. Where a real, actual cable made by Apple, will work just fine

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    My brother bought that unit a while ago total crap always look at the brand before buying ! my friends old alpine stereo beat a touchscreen dual for audio !

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