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Jehovahs Witnesses, according to you both the earth AND heaven are going to be a Paradise. Why not throw in Abrahams Bosom?

And he said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”. Luke 23:43

Wouldn't you say that Jesus and this man could have been in Paradise that very day IF you agree that Abrahams Bosom is a paradise? If you are confused, Abrahams Bosom is from the "parable" of the rich man and Lazarus. The resting place of the saints was a place of comfort. Consider, just for a moment, that it's a literal place in the spiritual realm. You told me that the "little flock" in heaven won't be missing out on paradise because heaven too is a paradise. Exactly how many paradises are there? What if Jesus died, descended in the realm with hell and Abrahams Bosom, and stayed there for three days? Why not?

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    Abraham's bosom mentioned in (Lk 16:23 ) was a place all the faithful went to after death (Heb 11:8 & 13)

    Jesus had not YET died on the cross for mans sins (Rom 5:8 & Heb 10:12 ) so no person could go directly to heaven until Jesus paid the all time penalty for mans sin problem (Rom 3:25, 5:14-18, and 2Cor 5:21 )

    Abraham's bosom was a sort of a prison for the pardoned who had placed their faith in God but needed Jesus to come and preach to them (1Pet 3:18-19 ) for release to heaven.

    When Jesus promised the thief that he would be in paradise TODAY (Lk 23:43 ) our Lord was referring to Abraham's bosom.

    Abraham's bosom doesnt exist anymore. Every sinner who places their trust in Jesus by believing the gospel are saved and go to heaven after death (1Cor 15:1-4, Rom 10:9, and Eph 2:8-9 )

    Paul makes it clear our earthly bodies only die but our new spiritual bodies go immediately to heaven to be with Jesus (1Cor 15:50-55, 2Cor 5:8,and Phil 1:23 )

    The watchtower cult understand none of this blessed bible truth because they are unsaved (Rom 8:9 ) Salvation and spiritual things are foolishness to a JW (1Cor 17-18 and 2:14)

    Heaven is not paradise earth (Mat 5:5 ) Jesus was referring to his future one thousand year reign on earth (Rev 19:15-16 and 20:3 ) which is not forever !

    Paul states that all believers are already blessed in the heavenlies with Jesus (Eph 1:3 and 2:6 )

    Our ONE HOPE (Eph 4:4 ) is not paradise earth but in heaven.

    (Col 1:5 ) For the HOPE is laid up for you IN HEAVEN.

    (Col 3:2 ) Set your affection on things ABOVE, not on things on the earth.

    The JWs have no real answer to these scriptures but will instead quote watchtower jargon to back up their false doctrine.

    A warning to a JW is that you will die in your sins (John 8:24 ) because you haven't asked Jesus to forgive you (Eph 1:7&12-13)

    The penalty for unforgiven sin is an eternal torment in the lake of fire after death (Rom 3:23, 6:23, Heb 9:27, and Rev 20:15 )

    Why not do this ?

    "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou SHALT be SAVED" (Acts 16:31 )

    Source(s): KJV 1611 Bible
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    The bible tells us that ACCURATE knowledge is the key to salvation.

    Jehovah's witnesses have that knowledge because they are living as God asked us to live and they would be happy to share it with you if you ask.

    The statement that one is sleeping in the bosom of Abraham or in some cases, with their ancesters, means that they are sleeping in God's memory and will be resurrected. The expression is used a number of times in the OT and does not come from the story of Lazarus and the rich man.

    Checking the earliest manuscripts available will show you that the comma should be after the word today, not before it. which makes perfect sense, as Jesus was not in paradise that day or the next or the next.......

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