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Jose asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 7 years ago

we are increasingly reliant in technology but if something were to happen to the internet or to our electricity supply, what would we lose?

what would be the effects of our reliance on technology.

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  • 7 years ago
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    This is a recurring and serious condition when we lose our primary means for functioning. We see it all the time in daily life.

    When a store loses electrical power, for example, its operations come to a halt. No more sales. Why? Because the checkout clerks have no manual means to process sales; they are totally dependent on the fancy digital cash registers that not only handle the transaction they also record it by customer and items sold.

    We saw it at Fukashima when the tsunami rendered the automated cooling system inoperable at the nuke power plant. They were unable to manually shut it down. The nuke piles overheated and the casings of the moderator rods blew up spreading radioactive debris all over the country side. Two years later, it's still too hot there to stay more than a couple of hours, even with protective suits.

    That Asiana flight that creamed into the approach end of the SFO airport did so because (at least in part) the pilots were flying VFR (without using instruments) into the landing area. But they failed to do that properly, they had really forgotten how to fly VFR because they'd been relying on the IFR instruments almost exclusively in past flights. My point, it's easy to botch a task manually when reliance on technology has been the norm. We quickly forget.

    If we are pandemically thrown back into the dark ages (before high tech), there would be chaos and economic failure. That's why most regional systems and major local systems have redundancies in their designs. We cannot afford to go back to doing things by hand.

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