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So I have a problem. Whenever I'm around girls, I have no idea what to say. It's hard for me to meet girls and I even have trouble finding stuff to talk about and say to girls I already know. I've never had a girlfriend in my life and it sucks. I honestly dont know what to do to fix my $#itty social skills. I am homeschooled so usually I just hang out at this bar/resturant near my house, but ever there I never talk to anyone really. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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  • 6 years ago
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    You just have to YOLO and start talking to them. Talk about the recent movies [Captain America 2], funny stuff on Facebook/Imgur.

    Me and my friend group don't have too much relationships, but we just have a general group of Guys & Girls that we all hang-out together to go eat and other places. I think you might be feeling some outside pressure that makes you "need" to be in a relationship.

    I'll tell you what buddy; you don't need to be in a relationship until "it" happens. "It" is when you know that you two are meant for each other, you are financially stable and able to support her with your pockets, among other things like transportation [car], job, and preferably finished with education.

    No chance for Homeschoolers... sorry about that, you're just kinda socially under-par just because of that.

    I'd recommend getting a summer job where other chics and hot babes also work [such as lifeguard or something].

    The only way you'll be more socially comfortable is by practicing [just like everything else in life]

    It's not like you can read a book on "kissing" and expect your first kiss to be any good.

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  • 6 years ago

    You shpuld online date on or okcupid for some dates. Its hard to go up to a stranger and start convo. Try goin and dping things you enjoy. Best way to talk to people is who you have shared interests with. You have no idea what to say because there is nothing to say. Dont waste ur time at bars and meet woman through friends, randomly in life liek supermarkets or libraries and through dping the things you love. Taking carr of urself physocally and mentally also helps. And of course you should have a job n stuff

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    When start talking be sure to catch her eye and ALWAYS smile, it shows that you are enjoying the conversation and that you feel comfortable. You could start the conversation by asking her name and how she is unless you know her already you could just say hey. Never ask her for personal stuff even if you love her, you can talk about that but make sure you know her enough and you're good friends. ALWAYS be yourself and don't act like you're cool and act tough (by acting tough I mean that you did unbelievable and cool things) even if she likes these boys. She will mainly figure it out and girls don't like lying boys. You can talk about stuff that both of you are interested in. You could also talk about stuff that she's only interested in. Express interest in her thoughts and opinions, remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. ALWAYS give girls compliments, also make jokes, they love it.

    If you have more questions feel free to ask :)

    Hope I helped :).

    Update: some more tips:

    Do not talk about or mention her stomach. Most girls, no matter how thin, think they are fat. This is definitely a no-go area for most girls.

    Try to get her contact information (facebook, phone number). Not too fast tho.

    Stay positive.

    Don't try too hard. A girl will be able to tell if you're trying too hard from a mile away. If you want to keep her interested, then you shouldn't relentlessly pursue her if she doesn't want to be pursued, compliment her ten million times when she's clearly uncomfortable. Relax and stop caring so much about impressing her and you will actually end up impressing her more.

    Stay relaxed. If you're nervous, sweaty, or scared, the girl will be able to tell. If you're feeling nervous, just slow down your speech, focus on the dynamics of the conversation instead of every word you're saying, and stop fidgeting with your hands or looking around the room. If you're not relaxed, the girl will pick up on your tension and will feel uneasy as well.

    Crack her up. Girls like guys that make them laugh. Don't be afraid to flaunt your wit and sense of humor -- as long as you aren't too raunchy or inappropriate in the beginning.

    Keep up your confidence. Be confident in yourself and don't be afraid of saying something stupid. If you're not afraid then you probably won't.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Talk to them about any little thing or start small like : hey do you have the home work from yesterday and then just keep talking then later ask if they what they like to do. It will go slow but work

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