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Fantasy Baseball trades I should make?

I'm having trouble with my fantasy baseball team, it hasn't been doing as good as I expected. I always gain a massive lead in the early stages of the week, then I fall and lose at the end. I'm 0-2 right now, about to be 0-3, and I don't think I can make a new fantasy baseball team with the season already starting. What are some trades I can do that can help my team get a lot of points?

My Team:

C - Carlos Santana

1B - Brandon Moss

2B - Brian Dozier

3B - Adrien Beltre (DL15)

SS - Brad Miller

OF - Bryce Harper (DTD)

OF - Giancarlo Stanton

OF - Jayson Werth

UT - Anthony Rizzo

UT - Nelson Cruz

BE - Edwin Encarnacion

BE - Alex Gordon

BE - Josh Hamilton (DL15)

BE - Alfonso Soriano

BE - Brandon Belt

BE - Coco Crisp (DTD)

BE - Emilio Bonifacio

DL - Jose Reyes (DL15)

P - Homer Bailey

P - Gio Gonzalez

P - Sonny Gray

P - Ervin Santana

SP - Jose Fernandez

SP - Dan Haren

RP - Trevor Rosenthal

BE - Doug Fister (DL15)

DL - Clayton Kershaw (DL15)

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    You got your ace on the DL. 3 of your top players (Beltre, Reyes, Hamilton) are on the DL. Of course you are going to lose games. My advice would be to get rid of Hamilton for a good player such as Alex Rios or an average pitcher like Anibal Sanchez. I dropped him because he is going to play in 8 weeks, but most fantasy baseball managers keep him. Also, I would trade Ervin Santana because he is off to a CY-YOUNG season start and won't keep it up.

  • Pronk
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    7 years ago

    I have no idea how big your league is (to judge how deep your waiver wire is),or what your league scoring is..

    But,your gigantic offensive bench is silly,and it is killing your pitching staffs' potential to rack up Ks,Ws,& saves.

    Your opponents probably steamroll you with more closers & SPs.

    You should have the most SPs & closers in your league.Championships are won with HIGH QUALITY starting offenses,& HIGH QUANTITY pitching staffs.

    I have won many championships with no offensive benchwarmers.

    You should accomplish this by trading multiple lower ranked hitters for 1 higher ranked player;Dumping is always a last resort..Then once you open up roster slots through trades you pick up SPs & closers off of waivers.

    Example1:Crisp & Soriano for Billy Hamilton..Billy has started out pretty cold,but he will still easily lead the majors in steals,& score a lot of runs.

    Example2:Belt & Hamilton for Chris Davis,or P.Fielder,or Cutch..

    Go after cold highly ranked players..You will never get hot highly ranked players:And especially target opponents whose fantasy teams are not doing great,,,they may be in panic mode.

    You should not be in panic mode,just keep your big dogs & try to get more big dogs..When the weather heats up so will the big sluggers;Because balls cary farther in hot dry weather.And,be confident that you will make the fantasy playoffs,and always focus on how your team will look then; Because that is when you want your team to be peaking.

    gud loock

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