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在美國唸書申請財務補助碰到問題 FASFA







那個 American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC).




Eligibility Information

Estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC)= 000000

The EFC is a measure of how much you can contribute to the cost of your education. Schools use your EFC to determine your federal student aid eligibility.

The EFC is not how much aid you will receive or how much you have to pay for college.

Based on the eligibility criteria you may be eligible for the following:

Direct Stafford Loan Estimate - $9,500.00

You may also be eligible to receive other federal, state, or institutional grants, scholarships, and/or work-study.

In addition, you should learn about federal tax benefits for education types/tax-benefits, including the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC).

If you have questions, visit and click the "Help" icon on the FAFSA home page.



American Opportunity Credit

Lifetime Learning Credit


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  • Gary
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    6 years ago
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    The reason you are only offered student loans is you have a Bachelor's degree.

    The U.S. financial aids system discourages people from getting financial aids after their first Bachelors. There is a reason why all the professionals in the U.S. are heavily in debt.

    Technically speaking, you are considered as a postgraduate student, even you are in a community college, which that level does not even exist.

    So what you have seen is in fact correct.

    Although you are only offered loans only, your school's financial aids office will get you BOGW - Board of Governors Fee Waiver for your community college tuition. In that case, you will only have to pay for books and living.

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    They are both tax credits.

    The issue is since your eligiblity of financial aids is not yet cleared (although I am certain what I have answered), it is immature to discuss tax credit.

    Also - tax credits are used to reduce tax liabilities. Since you don't pay tax, they will not apply to you.

    2014-04-18 14:42:30 補充:

    By the way, since you have a degree already, AOTC does not apply to you.

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  • s
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    6 years ago

    如果是申請晚了就沒錢了. 只能借你錢. 明年請早.

    住滿一年就可以超便宜的價錢唸書嗎? 是啊. 但是那是學校的認定. 跟FAFSA兩回事啊. 你現在一個學分要多少錢?

  • RenRen
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    6 years ago

    Who is an eligible student for the American opportunity tax credit?

    A. For the American opportunity tax credit, an eligible student is a student who: (1) is enrolled in a program leading toward a degree, certificate or other recognized post-secondary educational credential;

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    (2) has not completed the first four years of post-secondary education as of the beginning of the taxable year; (3) for at least one academic period is carrying at least ½ of the normal full-time work load for the course of study the student is pursuing; and

    2014-04-17 21:51:09 補充:

    (4) has not been convicted of a felony drug offense.


    >> 不是有身份在美住滿一年就可以超便宜的價錢唸書嗎?



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    2014-04-17 22:28:59 補充:

    dude... 我好像低估妳的年紀了~ 不用看家長的收入了~ you can apply by your own...

    報稅時就要把 FASFA 一併寄出去,我會建議妳找個CPA幫妳處理,會比較快一點。。。

    如果需要介紹 CPA 再 E-mail me your information...

    我高中同學都幫我報稅~ 鳥鳥的CPA,不過 price are reasonable XD

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