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Claire asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago



蘋果肌或豐頰: create fuller cheek豐唇: create fuller lips 隆鼻: augmentation rhinoplasty下巴塑型: chin augmentation淨膚雷射: Laser Toning拉皮: facelift ; skin tightening

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這些與醫學美容的單字(療程)都是以cosmetic injection , non-surgical 方式進行,如果要以注射的方式表達消除國字臉,要如何表達較為貼切.facial bone contouring 通常是以手術的方式來進行


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    蘋果肌(豐頰): plump cheeks (chubby cheeks)

    消除國字臉(瘦小臉): facial bone contouring

    豐唇: lip augmentation隆鼻: rhinoplasty (nose job)下巴塑型: mentoplasty淨膚雷射: Laser Skin Resurfacing拉皮(有分不同部位): facelift, neck lift, midface lift (cheek lift), browplasty (forehead lift)

    2014-04-18 20:43:28 補充:

    根據網路查閱資料,找不到非手術方式來瘦臉(削骨或自體組織填充),但有提到以更先進科技如雷射進行minimally invasive procedures(低度侵入式外科手術)

    facial bone contouring若聽來嚇人,可以把bone拿掉

    不然之前facial bone-grinding不是更可怕

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