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請問”holding pen"的延伸意義?

在英文新聞中看到一段話:“ Rumours include stories that Muslims will be forced to convert to Christianity before they will be registered for possible resettlement; that resettled Karen men had to sign up to fight for the United States in the Middle East; that fires at camps were deliberately started by drones or saboteurs; and that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and its aid agency allies have a detailed “secret plan” to repatriate all camp residents to Myanmar government “holding pens”.


但是找不太到“holding pen"在這裡的意思,查線上字典是說 "a pen where livestock is temporarily confined", 有的翻譯成“待宰圈”, 自己猜想延伸意思是不是指,回緬甸這件事對難民們來說就像是回到一個「牢籠」裡去?不太知道該怎麼翻譯?

在google上找到另一篇新聞有使用到這個詞彙:“Ministers have been accused of using jails as “holding pens” for foreign ex-offenders after it emerged that on a single day last month nearly 1,000 foreign nationals were behind bars despite completing their prison sentences.”(這新聞來自這裡:http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/jai...



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    holding pen 原意是暫時圈管牲畜的欄圈。 例句裡的 holding pens 都是指 「臨時拘留所」 或 「臨時收容所」。 這兩個報導都把 holding pens 用引號標示,表示是借用詞彙來表示這些臨時收容所的不合理或不人道。

    像我們的移民署查獲外勞,在等待遣返之前,都會送到各地臨時拘留收容所,這些地方通常三、四坪大小,要擠二、三十人,必須輪流才能躺下睡覺,這些不人道的收容所就像對待牲畜一般的 holding pen。

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    其實pen也時常用在小人的"玩具圈"(play pen)與棒球的"投手待命練習場"(bullpen)

    用pen來表示 "裡面的動物,隨時都可能跑出來闖禍/跑掉"所以要"小心看管"


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    "a pen where "livestock" is temporarily confined"


    這就是holding pen的意思



    而這個holding pen本意並不是關人的


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