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Is WWE pokemon?

John Cena beats Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt beats Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan beats John Cena. Pick your starter.

Antonio Cesaro evolves into John Cena?

Swiss Superman, Regular Superman, see where this is going?

John Cena is the only Pokemon to learn 5 moves.


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    In that case, my friend.

    John Cena is Venasaur.

    Hyped and third stage, think he can do stuff, until he goes into battle and can't do sh*t.

    Daniel Bryan is Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite

    It takes a lot of hard work and patience to believe in him, but once he reaches that stage and evolves, there is just no stopping him.

    Brock Lesnar is Snorlax

    All he'll do is sleep around the entire year. He'll wake up twice a year and destroy people, and then just go back to sleep like nothing matters to him.

    *Paul Heyman is the Flute Guy that can wake up Snorlax (Brock Lesnar)

    The Usos are Plusle and Minun

    One sign (tattoo) is the difference between them. Alone they're lame, together they're better.

    Stephanie McMahon is Vespiquen

    The Queen Bee. Enough said.

    Triple H is Gary

    He's pretty good actually, but he'll make everything about himself.

    As I think of more, I'll answer. I think I deserve some big time applause because you asked a stupid question and I've given an actual detailed answer.

    Source(s): Loved Pokemon before I loved Wrestling
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      Dude im choking over this especially Lesnar. LOL

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    Let me guess, Bray Wyatt is Jigglypuff

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    What DaFaq is Pokemon

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    hahaha no way dude

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    what lmao

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    I would hope not because Pokémon truly sucks!

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      And why is that, exactly? You're insulting me because I don't like a show or game?

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