Did Val Kilmer won a grammy award for the movie The Doors?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Grammy Awards are only given to recording artists, not actors portraying artists on the screen whether good or not. Kilmer did do his own singing in the film but didn't record the songs, which in reality would have been useless. Not when people already have The Doors music. Nobody would have bought a Morrison sound alike and Kilmer wouldn't have wanted that either. He's an actor that portrayed his character exquisitely.

    Even though Val did an extraordinary job with the role of Jim Morrison, I thought the script itself was horrible. Morrison was an intelligent man. The film showed him as being high 24/7 which was ludicrous. If the script would have had more substance Val could have been nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar).

    Oliver Stone dropped the ball on this film.

    Ironically the following film Kilmer did I thought was fantastic. Thunderheart.

  • 6 years ago

    Sadly, no :( he definitely should have though!! He did an amazing job. He did get nominated for the doors on MTV movie Awards in 1992. But unfortunately no Grammy for Val :(

    Source(s): Val Kilmer addict :-)
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