How do I start writing a song?

I am thirteen years old and a girl and I think writing songs would be a cool pastime. I'm not looking to get signed a record deal, I just want to be able to sing my heart out. How do I start? I want to write about how dating and kissing in middle school is weird, you should save it for when you're older. Something like, "wait till he gets his braces off and you're actually in a bra."

I get most of my musical inspiration from Elton John, Talking Heads, U2, The Who, One Republic, and very randomly, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and P!nk. I don't like Taylor Swift nor Justin Bieber, same with One Direction and Katy Perry. I also do a little beatboxing.

Thanks for reading all this, I know it's a bunch. In your answer, would you include information about songs you have written, and how you started?


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    Hello! I am a 17 year old musician and songwriter, and I was in the same place as you when I was 13.

    So here is what I recommend:

    First, Learn an instrument (not totally required, but VERY helpful). I would recommend Piano. Learning an instrument isn't that hard, and if all you can do is play 8 chords on piano, you can write tons of songs.

    Of course, while you are doing this, you can be writing lyrics.

    Now, with lyrics, it takes a while to build up your skill (at least it did for me) So I suggest just keep writing them, and really pay attention to lyrics that you like, and try to pick them apart and figure out why you like them so much, and how you can implement that into your own lyrics, and see if actually just reading them without the music helps too. Also, maybe find a poet that you like that fits your style, for me it was Edgar Allan Poe and T.S. Elliot.

    Next, broaden your horizons.

    It looks like you have some cool stuff that you like, but as a musician, songwriter, or anything else, it's best to listen to all kinds of stuff. Judging by your musical tastes already, you might like Pop Rock (like Fall Out Boy or Panic! At the Disco) or Pop Punk or Punk Rock (check out Green Day, and Social Distortion, and the Misfits) You might also like The Beatles, listen to their album Abby Road, or The White Album.

    Now, with songwriting in particular.

    Songs have structures, that usually go something like this

    Intro (the beginning part of the song, brings you in)

    Verse (starts explaining the setting, or the story)

    Chorus (usually the catchy part of the song, and is usually repeated)

    Verse 2 (expands on the story)


    Bridge (the climax, or the big moment of the song, usually slower)


    Outro (optional)

    You can mix and match, and add and subtract, but most songs are written like this.

    In music, especially the stuff you listen to, the chorus is the most important part, because it is the part that gets stuck in your head, and makes you want to listen to it over and over again, to sing it in the shower, and go see the artist's shows.

    So here is how I write a song:

    Here is how I write my piano songs:

    I have 3 methods:

    Method 1:

    Write lyrics

    Put them to chords

    add intro, bridges, outro, etc.

    and then I am done.

    Method 2:

    Come up with chords

    write lyrics to those chords

    add intro, bridges, outro, etc.


    Method 3:

    Improv on piano (improv is the act of "writing as you go" its just right off the top of your head)

    find something that sounds good

    write lyrics, intro, bridge, etc.

    I find that the first is the easiest.

    So that is my input, I wish you the best of luck in your music. Sorry my reply is long, but you could write books on songwriting, it is a big subject.

    These are also just the things I have picked up myself, from listening, etc. Keep in mind:

    Simplicity can be just as good as complexity,

    People will always shoot down your stuff, but people all have different music tastes, keep that in mind, and just do what you love, but listen to what they say, they might have something useful to tell you (though some people are just there to put you down)

    and keep writing! If you want it, you can write some amazing songs, just practice practice practice, and you will succeed.

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