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Why people say that Katherine Jenkins can't sing opera?

I am sure she can be a great mezzo soprano, she can sing opera! Why people hate her so much?

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The video has many dislikes and people keep comparing her to opera singers and they say she sucks but she can sing opera.

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    I am not sure if you are trolling or if you are serious, I hope you are trolling. This has to be the worst "una voce poco fa" I have ever heard. If you think that she can be a great mezzo-soprano, you have obviously never heard a real operatic mezzo-soprano.

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    K. Jenkins also claims that opera is for "fat, old and ugly people". I do NOT feel sorry for her when people laugh at her, she deserves all the ridicule she is getting.

    Elina Garanca is a great singer and she is pretty, she doesn't look fat or old to me.

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    Now let's see K. Jenkins singing like this mezzo... Oh, wait, she is too beautiful for opera with her fake boobs and her barbie doll dress (No offence to barbie dolls)...

    Source(s): Classically trained singer, I am neither fat nor ugly...
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    It's actually a very simple answer...because she can't. Please compare her attempts at singing una voce poco fa to the many versions on YouTube sung by opera singers. The differences in her attempt and their performances are many. My personal favorite is Joyce DiDonato but I love many of the other performances too. There is a video on YouTube showing Ms Jenkins trying to sing Song to the Moon. A look at the faces on the orchestra says it all. Try listing to Lucia Popp for the difference in how an opera singer sings that iaria. Again, this is a personal favorite. There are many other spectacular performances by opera singers. I do not hate Ms Jenkins. I don't enjoy listening to her attempting to sing arias.

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