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但在影片中另具有發人省思的意義存在,我最喜歡片尾的一段話” Rancho 說過:『追求卓越,成功就會出奇不意找上門』。


心中鬱悶不安時,最好 能夠找個人吐露心事,不要憋在心裡頭,只要能發洩出來,甚至以哭的方式發洩情緒,都能夠達到舒壓的效果。

主角Rancho說:『All is well (一切順利)』讓我印象最深刻,當您生活遭遇困境時,就告訴自己All is well吧!


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    Three Idiots is a comedy film, it can make you laugh from the beginning to the end,

    But behind the comedy it comes with a significant meaning, I love a saying by the end of the film said by Rancho; "Proceed with excel, sucess will come to you unexpected."

    We have try our best to prusuit by follow the direction, because it doesn't matter your abilities are? But once you have tried, keep on pursuit, to boost your own quality, though you can't gain benefits in front of you right away, but as long as you don't give up, keep on pursuiting it, to boost yourself, what you have learned remain with you, and to the gate of success.

    When you feels blue and unease, it would be best for you to talk to somebody, don't keep it inside of you, once you releases it, or you can cry it out loud, it can help you to reduce your stress.

    Rancho once said: "All is well" made a deep impression on me. So whenever yyou encounter difficulties in life, just tell yourself "All is well!"

    Hope it helps~~

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