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MFS: did you foos watch the undercard of the Pacquiao fight?

My compa Jesse Vargas won the WBA championship by beating some white boy putito Russian. I was so happy.

I know & talked to Jesse Vargas many times because he & his old trainer Roberto Alcazar would work out in a gym in Vegas & I would go there for the summer to train. Vargas is a nice guy & he bumps puros corridos too. He's badass. I saw him at a Martin Castillo concert in L.A. Too.

That's the way boxing should be pure mexican champs like Mikey Garcia, Jesse Vargas, Mares, Gonzalez, Santa Cruz, Marquez & El Canelo.

Black fighters suck boring style u can still have skills with running.


without* running. black fighters run a lot. all the time. u can defend with out running like a p****y

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    Mayate fighters are boring and fight scared, only Tyson was the only one that fought with cojones.

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