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I am M.B.B.S student(1st year)in ukraine.i want to know about higher study after M.B.B.S and USMLE.?

i want to know all about usmle. fees structure and process.when i start preparing of usmle. how can i easily pass this all steps of usmle

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  • 6 years ago
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    See the USMLE website for details. However, earning only mbbs it's highly unlikely you will ever pass. Of the few foreign-trained doctors who ever take it & actually make it to Phase 3, less than half pass.

    Then consider that there are no longer enough hospital residencies for American graduates of US medical schools. And they have MD, not just mbbs. Obummercare has devastated US medical system. Hospitals are laying off staff at every level from attendings to janitors. Forget it.

    You are going to have to pass the medical exams in your country of citizenship. You neglect to mention, however, Ukraine is very popular with Indian students. You need to know, if you're Indian citizen, that 40% of Indians who earn mbbs in India fail India's medical exams; failure rate for Indians who study abroad is nearly double that rate. You MUST pass India's exams if you are Indian citizen (vast majority of those who pass India's exams, then try to take USMLE can't survive it), If you are a citizen of some other country, you must pass your country's exams.

    BTW, just in case you are Indian, you also need to know that of Indian doctors who earned MD in the US & used to practice in US, over 19,000 of them have returned to India as of last September.

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  • 6 years ago

    Firstly RELAX BUDDY!!secondly if your course is in UKRAINIAN/RUSSIAN medium get a job there as their economy will boom by 5 years and u will get normal pay!!!but if your degree is in english learn ''RUSSIAN''/ukrainie..

    now talking about the exams this is the right time to start to prepare for MCI !!NO OTHER WAY OUT FOR U ,,,just study well for the next 5 years your gonna get the license without any problem..

    now finally make sure your studying in Donetsk,ivano fransvisk/ternopil if not try to transfer there as soon as possible ,if u cant transfer there just study well in yr present place make a good relationship with the dean,FINALLY my bitter advice to you is Try and get married to a native girl there and settle yourself Because after your degree its going to be hard for u mate:) keep posting questions ,glad yo be of help

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