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I'm 14 and my Muslim parents are controlling my life!?

Okay, I am 14 years old and my parents are Muslims. I've always known that I don't want to be a muslim because religion just isn't for me. My mom and my 16 year old sister wears the hijab and I don't. My mom always tries to force into things. I want to live a normal life without religion controlling everything. I told my mom yesterday that I wanted to study music in college and she just laughed at me and she said that she would never let me do it. Isn't it illegal for parents to not allow their children to study what they want?

Everything tuesday, wednesday and thursday me and my sister learn Quran and about the Islam and I don't want to go there at all. I only do it because my older brother and my mom would get so mad at me and stuff. I am very interessed in music and playing instruments but my parents wouldn't let me go to music school or even let me get a guitar. I just want to be myself and I don't want to live with my parents I feel like they never understand me... Please help me what should I do? I have nowhere to stay at all and I've thought many times to call the police and get to live with a foster family far away from here because my mom hits me sometimes when I don't listen to her

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    You're a wise 14 year old compared to your mother who hits you (which is child abuse). Which country are you from? About your mother hitting is, find out what the law says in that country and if you can get it dealt with. Islam is false like all religions. Quran 4:34 says a man can beat his wife. Stay non-religious, don't listen to Muslims, be nice for 4 years and play along, and then you'll be in college and you can start living your own life after you graduate and get a job.

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    wow.. you're 14, they are your parents at the end of the day. Your mother is doing this for nothing but the sake of you staying on the right path. It is her job to guide, and after all the hard work you want to leave her? And stay with a "foster family" that wouldn't love you HALF of what she does. I think you need to hear yourself speak.

    Doesn't look like you know much about Islam, do your research and actually look into your a "so called Muslim" but you are young so don't make any silly decisions now.

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    You are 14 years old, and that means you are just beginning to establish your own independence. This is a critical period during your life and your mother loves you and is trying to protect you. She wants to protect you by making all the decisions for you. You should begin by explaining to your mother that you know that she loves you, but she cannot protect you by making all of your decisions for you. You are an individual and the world is changing. This is not the world that your mother knew as a child and you will have to adjust to this world in the best way you know how.

    I would recommend that your study Islam through WikiIslam. This site is very scholarly, but also critical of Islam. Islam can withstand examination. The truth will always conquer over lies and falsehoods. Islam allows for questioning, because that is how we all learn.

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    Playing music is NOT haram only if you don't insult God... . I'm muslim too and play guitar as well and my parents allow it.

    Its forbidden in Islam to force people to believe in Islam or other religion because thats haram. You have to your own intention to believe it or not.

    You just need wait until your older and you will feel it. I can't force anyway to believe in God. Just talk to your parents, find Hadits thats not forbidden. You MUST go to college if you want. It's your life and you want to make the best in your life so do it.

    Good luck :)

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  • 7 years ago

    Sounds like the bltch is crazy. When you go to college, you can study whatever the **** you want. She can't stop you. When you are older she'll be wasting her breath. Saying a lot of nothing. Don't worry, your going to college for music. F*ck your parents and f*ck what they want.

  • 5 years ago

    There is nothing wrong in learning old days women sing on wedding prophet muhhammad p.b.u.h. only told them that donot use anyword which is kufr. your mom is the one who actually need guideness hope Allah help her

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