Is there a Radio that are for cars that I pick up russian stations?

I am shopping for a gift for a person who is a Russian and just searching for a radio that is for cars that will play Russian stations. Just hope I can buy at BestBuy or something. Thank you for your help

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  • Am0s
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    6 years ago
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    Britt was on the right path. - IS THE ONLY RUSSIAN-SPEAKING FM RADIO STATION IN THE United States.

    Normal radio (AM/FM) broadcast frequencies are only available over short distances from the transmitter. The only way to receive them outside of their broadcast area is over the internet, via telephone or smartphone, if the station streams their content.

    Tunein and a few other providers have connections for broadcasts around the world.‎

    a few other sources for Russian internet radio:‎‎‎

    If you find Russian broadcast stations in your city, then any radio would work to pick them up, while you're in range (near New York City).

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  • Britt
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    6 years ago


    You can get Russian radio stations ( I assume this

    is the topic...) by internet, easy as blueberry pie.

    All you have to have, is the name of the aggregator

    that pipes it in. Or, even easier, the station's

    web site.

    Here's one in New York City you can check out:; By the way, one can get it

    on the air, with an ordinary antenna, at 87.7 FM.

    Also, there is

    Start there !!

    Take care.


    Source(s): MD, PhD
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