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My dear principle , teachers and class-mates

Today, I have a best chance in standing the stage for speech,

I am very happy.

Two topics are giving as following ;

Saying the Smart- phone;

The Smart- phone is not only popular in Taiwan

. but also in the world.

It is very fun, lets people call their friend , take pictures,

. listen to music,

. and you know that they can surf the Internet as well.

It's to be obtained that I can used all of the time.

The Smart-phone also lets me play games in every places,

. send messages,and even watch movies

. or get in touch with my parents .

By the way, the most important for people holding its phone

is using in an emergency.

All in all, it is so much convenient for us, however,

. if people speak too loudly ,

. they can be very annoying .

No matter, where, who ,they are ,

we must have our phone etiquette

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    God afternoon(morning ),My principle ,my teachers and my classmates

    I am so glad that I have the chance to stand on the stage , facing you guys for a speech.

    Today i am going to talk about Smart- phone;

    The Smart- phone is not only popular in Taiwan but also in the entire world.

    Smart phone make our life more convenient in many ways:

    First of all, We can talk to our friends whenever we want instead of meeting thethem. We can record every beautiful moment in our life by taking pictures and

    keep those gorgeous memory with ourselves. We can listen to music whenever we have time and relax our mind in order to keep the flexibility in our life.

    Also, we can search for answers online by cellphone when we have questions.

    Secondly, the invent of smartphone offer human extra entertainments.

    We can play games by our smart phone anywhere,

    send messages,and even watch movies

    But I think that the most important function of smartphone is to let us be

    in touch with our families .

    By the way, it's also important for people to have a cellphone always carried

    along for emergency.

    All in all, cellphone is really useful to human's life.

    However, if we use smart phone without being respect to other people around

    us, we are going to be extremely annoying to others. On of the example is to

    speak too loudly on the phone and disturbs other people.

    Therefore, no matter when and where we are, we should always have the phone etiquette with us, make ourself and others a good life!

    Smart phone is really awesome!

    Source(s): myself. i was studying in american school!
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    Good morning/afternoon principle......

    I'm XXXX from class XX (you have to tell your audience who you are)

    Today, it's a great honour for me to deliver a speech here, I'm very happy.

    / I'm so happy that i can have a chance to be here delivering a speech.

    I'm now going to talk about my opinion on smartphones.

    Nowadays, smartphones are very popular worldwide and also in Taiwan. When you're walking around the street or taking transport, you can always see many people using smartphones. I've got one too. I think most of people share the same reasons of ising smartphone.

    Firstly, apart from the basic telephoning function, we can download some useful applications in our smartphones to have a free text communication with our friends, capture photos or listen to music with different special effects installed in the applications, and watch soap operas or movies.

    Secondly, it can be a mini portable computer. We can now use the phones to surf the Internet if Internet connection is obtained. It can be provided in form of Wifi connection by the malls or some shops or in form of data transmission by phone company. So when we're not home, we can use smartphones to browse websites whenever we want. It's very convenient, isn't it?

    But nothing is perfect. Despite the convenience, they're "aging" quite fast. After you've used them for a number of days, you'll find that it gradually takes more and more time to load an application and even can't be switched on. But I believe that this condition can be improved/they can be more durable with the continual advancement of technology.

    That's all what I want to share with you.

    Thanks for your attention!


    為什麼我會省略"get in touch with my parents" 和 "used in an emergency"?

    因為傳統電話都有這些功能吧, 個人覺得應提及更多智能電話的特點

    第二是最後的if people speak too loudly

    . they can be very annoying" 這點,原因也是差不多,就算不是用智能電話,也會大聲說話,所以我改了這點,就是智能電話不太耐用..但是如果你只是想從"電話"這個角度去講,原本的那點也是可以說的.

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