Can someone please help me with history?

What was President Truman's motive in adopting an active pro-civil-rights policy beginning in 1946?

He believed that every American should enjoy the full rights of citizenship.

He wanted to cultivate the African-American vote for future elections.

He felt that racial inequality in the United States undercut American foreign policy in its contest with the Soviet Union.

All of the above.

None of the above.

President Harry Truman developed the Truman Doctrine in 1947 because he wanted to

give European countries economic assistance.

rebuild the militaries of Great Britain and France in order to resist communism.

provide military and economic aid for Turkey and Greece to resist the spread of communism.

offer the Soviet Union an opportunity for reconciliation.

place atomic weapons under international control.

In response to the Soviet blockade of West Berlin in 1948, the United States

used an airlift to resupply West Berlin.

threatened to launch a preemptive nuclear war.

allowed West Berlin to become part of East Germany.

permitted the Soviet Union to participate in the government of West Berlin.

exchanged the right to West Berlin for access to Prague.


Why did the United States demobilize so rapidly at the end of World War II?

Americans demanded a quick return.

President Roosevelt wanted to cut defense spending by 50 percent.

The nation's business leaders pressured Congress to solve a crippling labor shortage.

European nations threatened United Nations action if American troops weren't off their soil immediately.

Congress was worried that if the servicemen stayed in Europe any longer, they would develop a lust for killing.

Update 2:

Which of the following statements accurately describe(s) American attitudes to the rumors of German atrocities committed against the Jews when the United States entered into the war?

This was another European war that should be fought by Europeans.

It was probably just propagandists' lies.

It was just a Jewish problem, of small concern to anyone else.

The best way to address the problem is to defeat Germany as quickly as possible

None of the above.

Update 3:

Why was the United States called the arsenal of democracy?

It supplied the Allies with all necessary natural resources.

It provided many war materials that the Allies needed.

It symbolized how democratic nations should fight a war.

It manufactured 1,000 ships, 500,000 rifles, and 10,000 airplanes during the war.

both a. and b.

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