About Height Measurements?

I would like to know how exactly the result of a height measurement is developed, through all the questions I have looked through on here, I know how and when to measure, but every time I see a result (example: 5'11) I truly have no earthly idea how tall or short that is, I want to learn how to measure, but this specific method for measuring looks different, because one day, I was thinking about how tall my Werewolf Character was going to be, then it dawned upon me........0.o how exactly do I get the result? and I know (Anthropomorphic)Werewolves are REALLY TALL, and another thing, measuring by feet, someone could say something like "WHOA! THATS 7 FEET TALL!" I understand if measuring by the average foot size, then your doing right, I pretty much have a average foot size, but when I walk and count my steps, they are only half the size that person was referring to,

I feel lost, I know if I learn this and more, it will open new doors for me

Please Help me lol

1 Answer

  • Euan
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Meth is one hell of a drug

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