Is this an SEO scam?

I know nothing about SEO companies, and I fear that my family has become the latest victims in a dishonest scam. In hope of boosting web traffic, my mother recently signed up for a service package with an SEO company called Avail SEO. From what she has told me, they call us quite often, and basically say "we're from Google." The package she signed up for is $199 per month, with a set up fee of $199. However, the salesperson did NOT mention the set up fee upon registration, my mother is certain that they only mentioned "$199 per month." So that's two strikes right off the bat, they lied about being representatives of Google, and misinformed us about the actual cost. On their terms and conditions, which I'm quite positive was not mentioned over the phone during registration, it states that all fees are non-refundable. Even if we cancel our package within 5 minutes, we would not get our $398 back. Also, if we don't cancel our package at least 21 days prior to the next due date, we'll be billed for the next month as well regardless of cancellation.

So what should we conclude? Should we even give them another week to see if they give us any results? Or should we stop wasting our time and money immediately?

Link to Avail SEO:

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  • J
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    6 years ago

    it does look like a scam, but i doubt if the CC company will refund as they have protected themselves pretty good. as to cancelling their service you should make note of this on their ToS page:

    Cancellation of Services: If customer wishes to cancel their service, they must provide in writing a cancellation notice 21 days prior to their next billing cycle.

    reading theservice they offer does not suggest anything spectacular, or worthy of such a monthly fee

    As to proxy registration, Jake talks about, being good or bad, that is something everyone has to decide based on their needs. some proxy services do not forward emails, in fact they go into a 'catch all' email address and simply get deleted.

    i now suggest that people consider their needs more closely and whether they want those"whois - registration" contacts, if they do i suggest a private party under contract to register and receive those- i recommend a person that does it for $10.00 a year per domain plus registration fees

    without a proxy, a site can get so many scam and time wasting emails it can become a pain -

    one other thing about proxy that helps, there is a scam from a chinese registrar currently being done and it protects from their scam and time wasting

  • 6 years ago

    I would also advice you to cancel the deal as soon as possible. You already made the mistake in the first place by associating with them and now if you are waiting just because you think that the traffic on your site will increase than I would rather suggest that you are making another mistake. The other thing regarding the increase in the traffic you are mentioning about, I fear if they are really a bogus company than you might even notice a decrease in the traffic to your site instead of increase. Therefore beware of these fraud activities in future.

  • Jake
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    6 years ago

    I can only report that the 11 month old site is using a registration proxy to conceal the real owner information, a practice of small home based sites and some shady operations. They are on a HOSTGATOR.COM file server in Utah, which has little indication of the operators location.

    Only a site doing considerable business can justify that much expenditure on SEO, something you can learn to do for yourself, or can outsorce piecemeal to low cost freelancers.

    Generally if you used a credit card or paypal you can get a charge-back from the payment processor in relatively clear cases on non delivery or fraud, their tacked on charges and refund policy may be cause.

    It must be a very small operation, there is no mention of them on the internet, other than automated site reports.

    Ask them if you can see the sites that belong to the people giving those (fake?) testimonials.

    A more complete address is given here

  • Sounds like a suspicious operation. I would cancel any services immediately, and possibly file a fraudulent charge with your credit card company to try and recover some of the costs.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I would cancel it, especially if they lied about being a part of Google. You never should put your business in the hands of a shady company.

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