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Different ways to jack off?

I'm 14 and haven't been jacking off for a long time, I've started about a couple of months ago. I can't buy any of those flash lights thinks or anything and I don't want to make those homemade things with like plastic bags and Vaseline. How can I jack off at night using only my body and objects that are already made like a towel or blanket?? Thanks for helping.

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    Creative Ways To Jack Off

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    Best way to jack off

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    Jessica's brother is right, you need warmth!

    If you can, get a pair of your underwear soaking wet in the hottest water you can bare without getting pain. Basically take a glass of warm water or something, and pour it on your crotch, and the amount of sexual stimulation you will feel will lead to a stronger orgasm.

    I had a brother who used to whack off in the tub. Never figured out why, until I had a boyfriend who revealed this secret to me, that guys love it when it's warm!

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    take a banana and slightly peel it. Measure the banana peel about and inch longer than your dick and cut off the access peel. Then you should scrape out most of the banana (leave a little at the bottom it makes great lubrication. You should still have a little access peel left that cups your balls. It feels like a real vagina!

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    My boyfriend said wetting a towel and microwaving for a few seconds, and then using the warm towel to stimulate yourself for a few minutes can make your orgasm stronger

  • Here's two ideas for homemade male sex toys:

    There's plenty of ways to build homemade sex toys which are very enjoyable - happy experimentation!

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    Use your hand and soap water.

    Simple and safe.

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    because u are only 14, its not wise of us normal lads to talk to you about that sort of stuff xx your dad, brother etc etc xx

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