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Who funds Heartland Institute and why is this information kept so secret?

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    If it's a secret it's one of the worst kept secrets there is the trails back to the energy and mining industry are on the public record, one oil company (a few years ago) said they where not going to fund Heartland anymore, but that is an admission that they where funding them.

    Heartland is and always has been a paid lobby group they employed much the same tactics to try and slow action on tobacco regulation claimed experts telling people there was no problem, blaming leftists, etc etc many of the excuse have barely been changed. The difference is the internet tobacco didn't have the advantage of being able to use social media to spread BS to a less than scientific literate general public and wrap it up in websites that sound official but are really just blogs, often aping the acronyms of real scientific sites to make themselves sound more credible.

    As for funding the cat was let out of the bag with the documents Heartland gave to someone who rang them and asked for them, so they are not very bright either.


    It was somewhat funny to watch deniers claim this was illegal and this info should not be used, interesting that their values didn't seem to worry about that when they spread the stolen climategate emails far and wide, emails they probably played a leading part in stealing. The climategate emails proved little and an inquiry proved that, but the leaked Heartland documents showed the funding sources of heartland and showed many denier experts like Watts (who claimed they where not funded) in fact where to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

    I guess that people who claim they are skeptics who still use Heartland (or it's many subsidiaries) prove pretty effectively they are not really skeptics, no real skeptic would take seriously a group that has so solidly been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

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