what can I do with my customize character on WWE 2k14?

what can I do with my superstar, does it only make me play on quick play

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    2k's WWE2k14 Review:

    30 Years Of Wrestlemania: 30 Years Of Wrestlemania starts off hot, some cutscenes such as Wrestlemania V Hulk Hogan Vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Ric Flair Vs Shawn Michaels feel like entirely different Video Games. But, near the end about the Ruthless Aggression Era the mode becomes a 'Go Here, Do This' rather then reliving 30 Years Of Wrestlemania.

    The Streak: Defeat The Streak/Defend The Streak is probably one of the most entertaining yet sometimes frustrating modes in 2k's WWE2k14, in Defeat The Streak The Undertaker can either put on a Five Star Wrestlemania Classic or spam reversals forcing you to play spam defense; same can be said for Defend The Streak. I can't recall the last time I was literally on the edge of my seat trying my hardest not to get beat to reach that Fifty mark, though that also brings up my point how repetitive Defend The Streak becomes after having to play it on repeat to unlock all the Achievements.

    Create-A-Wrestler/Superstar Head: The point system is still a minor issue, I had to adjust a few of my CAWs; but other then that Improvement is always good. Superstar Head is Entertaining to use, being the Swept under the rug Mode added into the game like Championship Threads in THQ's WWE'13 I expect major improvement in 2k's WWE2k15. The Downloadable Content really fleshes this mode out.

    Create-A-Entrance: The New Ability to turn off/Select Mini-Trons and Titantrons separately is nice, ability to select which Tag-Team/Stable member goes where is well received. Sadly with Custom Themes Not playing, Playing To loudly, Playing to quietly or mixing with other themes; it dampens the mode quite a bit.

    My Only other issue with Create-A-Entrance is how Easy Entrances will still play the Professional Wrestlers Crowd chants, nothing like having my CAW come out like Jericho and hear 'YOU SUCK JERICHO!'; this should be optional obviously for Superstar Heads.

    Create-A-Move-Set: The New Maneuvers specially the Downloadable Content Maneuvers help flesh out move-sets, if you have a target idea of what type of maneuvers the person would use, but there is still the issue of lack of Limb Target Maneuvers and being forced to use generic maneuvers (Back Elbow, Front Neck Lock Knee Lift, Undertaker Knee Strike, Ect) to fill up spots. Not to mention for In-Game Roster members there is still a lot of Duplications between move-sets, specially Attitude Era Models brought over from THQ's WWE'13. More is always nice.

    Create-An-Arena: The Filter and New Set Designs/Arena sizes help flesh out this mode.

    Create-A-Championship: The Ground work is there, but this mode needs improvement such as Relics/Designs come off as stickers rather then imprints on the Plates themselves; plus much like Create-An-Arena you can't use Letter Designs.

    WWE Universe Mode: One Major Issue, I've found that if you edit a Card/Rivalry specially with CAWs; the mode will freeze during loading screens. I've found that In-Game Roster members entrances will play, but when 2k's WWE2k14 attempts to load Create-A-Entrances for CAWs the game will automatically Crash Hard forcing a restart. Long as you don't edit anything on the card, usually you should be fine within the mode. But I've had moments where a CAW Vs CAW match freezes no matter what I do. Smells like THQ. Improvement are always welcome.

    Music Jukebox: A Gift From The Gods. Compared to having to listen to David Otunga's Theme, Cody Rhode's Theme, Jack Swagger's 'Get Down On Your Knees' Theme; ect on repeat because THQ figured everybody would 'I hear voices in my head' No more; But the fact that unless you go to Match Highlights after a match featuring Custom themes cuts out the Jukebox is a pain and from what I've heard using Custom theme playlists on the jukebox causes a lot of sound issues I've never tried myself.

    Gameplay: The Impact sound has been improved, only if the commentary followed suite. But, to be honest I found myself completely blocking out Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole through out most of the matches I played doesn't mean 2k shouldn't improve what obviously needs improving. The Improved pace helps matches flow nicely, the reversal into attacks helps the realism though the reversal reversals are limited hopefully 2k will add onto this in 2k's WWE2k15. There are still minor bugs like someone arching up in pain on the mat well I go for a pin and I'll pick them up, ect; stuff that breaks the atmosphere. My only constant issue is how limiting the 'Weight Detection' is, yet allowing somebody like Justin Gabriel to pick up The Great Khali with ease for his signature/finisher.

    I'd rate 2k's WWE2k14 a Eight out of Ten, minor bugs and major flaws drive the game down a bit; but WWE2k14 is an overhaul compared to THQ's WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 – WWE'13. 2K needs to simple keep improving, rather then Trail & Error like THQ Inc.

    Source(s): I'm a video game critic, it's kinda; my job.
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    IM TELLING IT ITS 3M85-42NR-37L9

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