In terms of comic books, do you prefer hard copies or digital copies? Why?

I want to get into comics, but I'm not sure which one to purchase more of, physical or digital. Feel free to persuade me either way. :)

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    7 years ago
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    I've been reading comics for 5 years and there are ups and downs to both of them.

    Pros of digital

    -you can buy the comic instantly without leaving the house or waiting for a few days

    -it's often cheaper

    -you can carry more comics with you at once

    -if you break you device, all you need to do is sign into it on a different device

    cons to digital

    -harder to lend them to friends

    -you can't sell it in a few years (depending on the comic, some can become really expensive and so if you don't mind selling it you could make a few bucks)

    -can't physically collect them (easier to amaze your friends if you have a box full of comics vs a phone or tab full)

    -you often have to zoom in and out if the text is to small (which it often is)

    -some comics uses both pages as one (like they'll take a picture and spread it amongst to pages) and digital copies makes this confusing sometimes

    Pros to physical comics

    -You can share with your friends easier

    -you can sell them when you lose interest (if you lose interest) in them

    -pictures usually look nicer on paper

    cons of physical copies

    -if you break it, that's it, you need to buy a new one

    -you can't bring that many with you when you go places

    -you need to leave the house to go to your local comic book store or wait a few days if you buy it off line

    hope this all helps, and I hope I didn't forget anything

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