I want toget a sex change but im scared of telling people?

I'm a 21year old male. All my life I have wanted to be a girl, every time I have the house to myself Imagine that i dress up in my girls clothes and put on makeup, I even pretend I am a girl on chat rooms sometimes. It's not just a fetish, it actually feels right. Like I've been put into the wrong body. I don't feel like a guy at all, and when I'm pretending to be a girl I feel really happy.

The problem is, I don't think I could face telling people. I couldn't even tell a doctor, and it's driving me crazy. Believe it or not, I've actually managed to hide it rather well, but on the inside it's making me miserable. I get really excited about the idea, then right away start feeling sick as I think about my friends, family and everybody else finding out. I just wish I could go to an island somewhere, have it done and then move somewhere else where nobody knows me. But I know that's silly.

What should I do? Telling family really isn't much of an option, I live with my dad and his family are pretty old fashioned. I really need help :[ I mean sometimes im ok with being a guy and other times I Really really want to be a Girl like BADLY otherwise I wouldn't be asking this

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    Well if you lives with your Dad at the minute and he is old fashioned, first thing is first, get a job, find a house or flat to rent and move out.

    Coming out you can do when you are ready but like with family, I advice writing a letter so you can get all your feelings down on paper and explain how you are feeling. Also find some resources on transsexualism (that is what you are btw, a transsexual), it is a recognised medical condition and having a few resources such as leaflets and that on your side to give your family will help.

    Friends, you can usually come out face to face with them, it isn't easy but it is a lot easier than it is telling family.

    It maybe scary telling a Doctor but at some point you will need to. As I said, it is a recognised medical condition, one which requires diagnosis.

    If you live in the USA (even though it is a recognised medical condition, many health insurers still consider treatment elective but some insurers do cover it. Check your policy) you will need to find a gender therapist in your area, you usually see the gender therapist for about 3-6 months before they will prescribe you hormone replacement therapy (this usually consists of a testosterone blocker, oestrogen and progesterone), after 1 year on HRT and living full-time as a woman your gender therapist can then put you forward for surgery and once you have had surgery that is pretty much it. You will have to be on hormones for the rest of your life by the way though, however after surgery it is usually a lower dosage and obviously after the testicles are removed you no longer require testosterone blockers.

    If you live in the UK the procedure is similar except rather than finding a gender therapist, you need to see you GP and be referred to a gender identity clinic. By the way if you suffer from depression I advice keeping it quiet from your GP, by all means once you are the the gender identity clinic be open and honest about it but usually if you tell the GP prior to referral, they will put your feelings down to depression and prescribe you anti-depressants or sommat which rarely help.

    If you live in any other country it is usually one of these two systems so just check your area.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): 21 year old pre-op male-to-female transsexual
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